Man heckles Prince Andrew while he walks in his mother's funeral procession

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  1. Was he there for the counteroffensive? Must have been cathartic for these guys to take these cities after so much grinding fight for them

  2. I think many people imagine the troops being miles away on these "abandoned tank hit by drone" situations, but there has to be a certain percentage where the troops are only 40-50 meters away, hoping the drone doesn't come after them. That might be a reason this drone stays up high for the most part, so it doesn't get shot.

  3. Yes they definitely want to capture vehicles whenever possible, so you won't see this if the former owners of the tank have long gone and are miles away. You see it when it's a vehicle parked somewhere they can't get to.

  4. Surely at this stage, with an abandoned tank, it's worth just flying a few metres above and dropping the bomb direct down the hatch?

  5. A lot of the time "abandoned" just means no one wants to go near the vehicle during a fight or artillery barrage, knowing that tanks are a very likely target... rather than "abandoned" meaning the former operators are miles away and running, not looking back.. So, hovering low can still get you shot down if you're unlucky, even if in this particular video the operator assumes no risk of that, judging by how low the drone is flying

  6. Doesn't help when Sidney Powell gets herself caught on tape. And the "Cyber Ninjas" and Cathy Latham... look for video cameras ffs.. Trump needs better people around him if he's going to win in 2024. It's such a clown show, everything after the election. 2024 is going to be a lot slicker with any luck, but last go was just embarrassing to watch

  7. It's also a search engine. But I prefer DuckDuckGo

  8. I don't know about the rest of you, but the pandemic was over in my area since August of the initial year.

  9. Not according to the numbers. The issue is who makes those numbers, and why we have 500 deaths per day right now and the pandemic is "over", while 500 per day 18 months ago was still mid-pandemic. Hmm

  10. I'll bet you prefer ignorance. I hear it's bliss.

  11. I think you may have ODed on Internet. Take a day off.

  12. lol! Thank you for the laugh! I appreciate your sense of humor. Go have a cup of tea, and I'll see you tomorrow.

  13. OP, don't plagiarize. Here's where you copy/pasted "your" post:

  14. I’m all in except the article says the US agents were responsible for spreading “covid came from a US lab in Kentucky” Why would our government have a secret op that blames shit on our government?

  15. Where did you see that? That's nowhere in the article. There's only this:

  16. I'm out of the loop on this. What is the finger thing? It's new to me.

  17. Greatest country in the world yet working 80+ years still wasn’t enough lol America is doomed

  18. No need for hyperbole. Nothing is "doomed", but there's a class hierarchy that suddenly a bunch of people seem to think that they're not a part of, partly because of the internet and stuff like this. It's that idea that's "doomed". We have 70% of high school grads going to college now, thinking that's going to get them out of the labor class, but, nope.

  19. we go from "Putin government promising to get trump back into office" to "guy say he loves trump on russian tv".

  20. Nothing is shown on Russian state media without Putin's say-so.

  21. Watch interviews with defectors. The political segments are indeed carefully scripted.

  22. It is highly disappointing to see multiple comments in reply to yours saying, "...I want what you're smoking..." This is in my view a quick troll tactic (either organic or not, irrelevant..) The only other option(s) are a lack of self-awareness and/or general intelligence and/or an unwillingness to accept proof in plain sight. The "smoking" angle is to disarm any presented logic, even while generally speculatory, you are presenting 'evidence' based upon factual and/or otherwise historical information, or in this case, wide scale media propaganda presented to the masses (that is highly effective in the subconscious; fact.)

  23. 0:03, Middle of the quincunx, facing northeast out of the middle shell hole, soldiers moving n/ne

  24. No one's gun has ever stopped a law being passed in the US, but enjoy the fantasy

  25. Some say that defeats on the battlefield might make Putin more dangerous:

  26. Russian TV tonight was urging Putin to cut Ukrainian civilians off from electricity, food, water, etc., with mass missile strikes on infrastructure, and kill large numbers of civilians that way, or force millions more to flee the country. The other TV host asks something about "losing friends" doing that, but the general attitude was in favor.

  27. Check out his speech, and commentary on his speech. Nothing is impossible - strategy/methodology has been in the works for years.

  28. We just have to keep donating to his campaign and blindly believing everything he says.

  29. No one said that, but sure, go ahead if you wish. It's true that Trump is keeping a padlock on most of his vast campaign war chest to keep that leverage over the RNC, to ensure he gets the nod.. but that's politics for you, and Trump knows what he's doing. Have a little faith.

  30. The weird thing is that it doesn’t really matter what you think because reality is reality. Even if the SCOTUS turns 8-1 conservative, it doesn’t detract from the realities of things like climate change. The only difference is that you’ll experience realities like climate change without understanding why it’s happening to you. All you’ve done is show that you don’t really get how stuff works.

  31. Repeating it ad nauseam doesn't make it true. ;)

  32. You're quite confused. Good luck with that.

  33. Not sure why facts are being downvoted? Oh yeah, this is Reddit.

  34. No, because it's ignorant of basic facts.

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