1. I don’t remember any sketchy stuff besides Andor teamkilling a dude but that’s it.

  2. I don’t like to cite the Death Star, and although the extended universe gives more of a face to the empire and shows that the rebels aren’t as clean as they seem, that’s not canon. They fulfill the definition of terrorist, ie using violence for political motives, but ‘empire bad’ and America’s founding fathers did that too.

  3. Pretty sure that fighting in urban areas is a standard war thing, and even then the rebel alliance is pretty clearly not a big fan of Saw “I get milked by Disney more then Rockstar milks GTA5” Gerrera and his band of actual extremists.

  4. The we’re still prisoners and killing prisoners is always a warcrime.

  5. look I'm an iron warrior aligned with chaos but this makes me scream purge like a black templar

  6. No, that was the Iron Snakes, and I don't recall any enslaving being done except by the Drukhari.

  7. Well, I am Latino, I speak English perfectly. Not with USA accent but I mean, I can speak fluently and understand all of it. I've been kicked from three raids just because they hear my Latino accent. Whereas in other MMOs I've never had this issue.

  8. Well, I've known the mechanics, I've never failed one, I prepare myself for the raid and stay quiet until they tell me to talk. When I do, guess what? They don't give a fuck about me healing them or doing the mechanics right. If I am Latino I automatically become someone who doesn't understand anything despite the fact I didn't fail a single mechanic.

  9. Some guy joined and a few days later I got a message from someone saying he ninja looted a mail spellpower item that he couldn’t use that was bop.

  10. “Brother, that traitor astartes performance really left me speechless.”

  11. The Orkz are actually very intelligent, more so than even the eldar, they didn’t devolve from krorks but rather evolved.

  12. First of all, the answer to ANY "can 682 survive..." question is unequivocally yes, 10 times out of 10. That's the gimmick of 682. Any way you can think of killing it won't kill it, ever, no matter what.

  13. We will be fine, Australians already has to hold onto something when they go outside because they are upside down.

  14. Doomslayer, even if we scale him to how insanely fast he was in the original doom, is far too much slower.

  15. It was ugly sure but I feel there’s plenty of shows that are far worse than looking fugly.

  16. Of all the people I played with, people who are under 18 are always fun to have a match with. They are much more eager to have a laugh and just have a fun time than people in their 20s and 30s.

  17. Yea, I don't get it either. Why would anyone pay for a guide when there are plenty of free resources out there to assist you. Plus, the Wrath nerfs leveling even more.

  18. I think people think because it costs something it must be better.

  19. It's about efficiency. I have a buddy that bought that guide and it seams extremely cool and powerfully.

  20. Hawking wasn’t as smart as people give him credit for, yes, he theorized Hawking radiation but there are a laundry list of things he was wrong about.

  21. Fuck the Filthy Xenos…. Wait, no guardsman what are you doing?? No! Not like that!!


  23. A Ork watches the Santa Claus movie, kills a blood angel who was in a land speeder, and thinks it was Santa Claus, and believes him to be the new “Sandy Klawz” and goes around his Waaagh every Christmas giving them gifts.

  24. And make the followers of Dork named Ed Boyz and their rival commissar named Kevin.

  25. “Aww geez, this reminds me of the time when I killed a hard to destroy reptile.”

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