1. you gotta download more ram.

  2. If you don't hit the troll summoner himself, then it doesn't happen. He needs to lose HP for the summon to take effect.

  3. sums my experience with the last BP. 3 days of premium is such a bs compensation too, they're really only giving everyone a taste of it so those who have money to spare and like the extra rewards will keep paying for it. Another BP right after this one too? that just screams "we don't care, we're just trying to milk paypiggies at this point". well guess what, if the game is suffering from low-ish player count and little popularity, you're only digging its own grave by being this desperate for money.

  4. Look. I want a "Surface of Hoxxes" raid where it's a 16 Dwarf team, all in exosuits with capital ship variants of the normal weapons. Against a Hivequeen.

  5. sounds like a nightmare to get working smoothly.

  6. Cause they aren't so op like people of redit tell. But with practice, skill and brain açd retcher, they can give you the first place at every raid against anythings. With my hover i reach the 2300 pts sometime for an average of 2000 pts. It's around 60 plastic with the prenium. Some people rage against me and my suposed kronus aimbot... with retcher 😂😩

  7. And we thought only land drivers were prone to the random terrain bumps that flip your vehicle upside down. Wonder if they'll fix it before the game dies out.

  8. looks pretty cool and seems to be functional. Why assymetrical tho xD

  9. Assymetrical builds are neat and require a little more tinkering than mirroring the other side. Pretty cool on my book.

  10. Someone's been watching YouTube..

  11. imagine if she just worked like Io from dota, able to attach, heal and support without the AWFUL mechanic that is permanent UNTARGETABILITY. All they had to do was make the W a link, similar to Taric or Rell.

  12. Doesn't need to have the same visuals, doesn't need to have the same sounds, doesn't need to work the exact same way. So long as they take her god mode away I'll be happy.

  13. Cheater or not, you deserved to die with those kind of plays.

  14. It'd say it's a reference IF it had the iconic wrench as well.

  15. Given that people playing on vr look crazy flailing their arms around while seeing something everyone else doesn't, this would be pretty fitting.

  16. Nah, better wait another 4 months so they can have some fun before they purchase another copy, BSG knows they can't milk them too soon else they risk cheaters quitting for good.

  17. You clearly haven’t seen the comments under his Theme and kit reveal yet

  18. Dbd doesn't have ranked. Anything "competitive" is a made up set of rules for a community driven event in which none or many perks are banned. These rules always vary and the way points are earned is far from what you'd call the average match. Sorry but competitive events have no say in what should and shouldn't be nerfed for the rest of the community.

  19. They got the wrong perk (Should be blast mine, Leon is the one with the flashbang) but really good art nonetheless!

  20. Guys would sex with a robot even be pleasurable? Like there's no skin right so o soft sensation and shit

  21. you say it like that's a bad thing, smh. Also fleshlights exist, if you're making one advanced ass robot you might as well give it some advanced Sci fi robussy.

  22. If they were to get it back then I think Light cabs should get an increased top speed to 140kmh in some way

  23. light and medium already outclassed heavy cabins, why buff would you buff them?

  24. I personally run a heavy cab (humpback) and I think the current low energy amount makes sense, sacrificing energy for power allows for better armor.

  25. except armor kinda sucks, being so slow makes you an easy target, thus taking more damage than you would have with a medium/light build, nullifying any benefits from going heavy.

  26. Wee woo wee, said the bard.

  27. That's why you go out with helium cuz you get no feelium

  28. isn't it cool how they wait 3-4 months for ban waves?

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