1. No. He is a hit or miss. He slayed in Gaslight but flopped in Drive. Slayed in Facelift but flopped in Lake.

  2. He looks like a cute chihuahua 🥲

  3. This season was all over the place. The whole reenactment plot was so stupid and unnecessary. Would’ve loved a story that actually centered around the real Croatoan mystery, and maybe some connection more a more recent time period. I’m still waiting for a proper tv show or movie about that whole mystery: so fascinating

  4. Whoa. What is your deal, stranger? It’s my opinion. Why does it bother you enough to tell me to shut up? I’m adding you to my imaginary prayer list.

  5. Whoa. What is your deal, stranger? It’s my opinion. Why does it bother you enough to tell me to shut up? I’m adding you to my imaginary prayer list.

  6. Who cares about the theme? I think knowing when it’s back is a lot more important than knowing what it’s about. They don’t need to “interrupt Stories” to tell us that.

  7. But isn't it common sense? A show announcing info about a different show in the middle of it airing? Let's be honest here. What they said is totally right. AHS fan based media outlets like you should have common sense before complaining. "Who cares about the theme?" Clearly everybody in the comments section for every AHS post. Get your shit together.

  8. Facelift Milkmaids Aura Necro Bloody Mary Dollhouse Drive

  9. Think about it. Coven is going to be the new Murderhouse. Recycled for popularity. It's a fact. Now go think realistically cause we don't need witches. Lmao we elaborated on them enough. It's an anthology for a reason.

  10. I feel like it's some type of creature feature.

  11. Ryan did say he wants it to go on for 20 seasons. Let's hope that lasts 🙏

  12. But it does have so much potential. There are so many themes that could be put into play.

  13. I'm sorry but gut wrenching endings are way better than happily ever after endings. And this isn't a new concept, y'all need to get over it. The ending shouldn't determine the quality of the show/episode.

  14. Not officially, but I'm sure you can buy it through Ebay. I believe they officially stopped making them after Disney bought out FX.

  15. It's hands down my favorite season! I will defend it till the day I die. It had genuine horror, great acting, a unique format, amazing promos, mysterious origin story, great deaths, and etc. It always stood out for me.

  16. Facelift because I would love to see some sadistic body horror by some creepy surgeon.

  17. What do you mean TV show? It's real, right?

  18. Like if the show that we watch rn on TV never became a TV show. What would it be, the elements inside AHS would stay the same it would just be a different format.

  19. The camera footage seems like Aura. Cause it's ghosts seen through a security alarm system, so it makes sense

  20. Unfortunately I have to disagree. There's a particular tackiness to the promotional material of AHStories Season 1 and 2 as well as to AHS Apocalypse and Double Feature; it lacks restraint and/or refinement (even in the context of American Horror Story advertisement).

  21. It’s because the show went from brilliant performances by Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Mare Winningham, and Denis O’Hare delivering really deep monologues and dramatic scenes… to these influencers who scored roles on the show strictly based on their looks and nepotism delivering the most absurd and gross dialogue about their sex lives EVER written. They were atrocious in every single way.

  22. Idc what anybody says but all I have to say is "Hell No"

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