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  1. Recreational Leadership and Business Leadership

  2. Just curious. If CUPE votes no, do they need to reissue the 5 day heads up to strike again? Or can they just go right back to it?

  3. https://twitter.com/wyattsharpe8/status/1594468148408885248

  4. Depends entirely on the program you wish to apply to. I would suggest looking into colleges as well.

  5. I agree with all this but physics is purpleish?

  6. Applying to 10 programs, if I can throw a rock at least I can go to brock.

  7. where i’m from we say “if you can walk you can go to brock”

  8. Welcome to the club lol, nah but seriously it's all about that work-life balance which is hard to maintain but you need to know when to stop studying and when to take time for yourself.

  9. You need prior experience in Grade 12 Physics. I am currently in Grade 12 physics and did do grade 11 physics as well but it is certainly a challenge and a step up. If you want to take it prior to Grade 11, you must review Kinematics and Forces as they build directly on what was covered in grade 11.

  10. You know people say happiness, but money sure does bring me happiness.

  11. For us exams worth 10%, summative rest 20%

  12. Gonna apply to a bunch of lifesci programs, for most programs the requirements are

  13. Health science or life science but I’m not sure EXACTLY what kind of jobs could stem from this program, I seriously need answers from someone who’s graduated 😭😭

  14. There are very minimal jobs that stem from those programs unless you go to grad school, get a masters and such.

  15. Waterloo is considered the top university here for Computer Science but it is very competitive.

  16. Maybe health science or life science idek, but does anyone have any program recommendations for optometry?

  17. Think waterloo has an optometry specific stream? Not sure, i'd double check though.

  18. University of Guelph biomedical or me mechanical engineer… hopefully😭

  19. Just got back from a Guelph campus tour for Biomedical as well today, if you have any questions abt it feel free to pm me! Sounds great though.

  20. Just a concept it seems for the moment.

  21. I’d say brainstorm the two experiences - one for each of the two prompt essays.

  22. Thank you for this response, enjoy the silver award stranger!

  23. I vaguely remember a Xiaolin Showdown game but I thought that was just fever dream I had

  24. I just looked it up and yes it was also on PSP, wow old times.

  25. Ha for me it's the other way around. I did great in Grade 11 and am now panicking that what if I don't do as well next year and subsequently get screwed over.

  26. Can these gets into medicine at UofT or they need more stuff?

  27. They'd first need to complete 4 years of a undergraduate degree, take the MCAT and any other pre-reqs for UofT's medical school.

  28. There’s no pre med course at u of t like McGill has?

  29. Nope! The one at McGill is only open to Quebec residents. The only other equivalent to that is QArms at Queens which is very simmilar to the one at McGill.

  30. My friend's had a hampster called Max, he didn't last long.

  31. We will be competing in DECA next season.

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