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  1. This might not be the answer you are looking for, but you could consider not having fish in your wildlife pond.

  2. Well this is our garden pond but yeah we got picket fencing around it with mesh on top and the otter dug underneath the fencing.

  3. This has happened before to my dad when he was fishing, beautiful birds though

  4. I’ve been playing since 2016 and still haven’t got one

  5. Congrats, i’ve been looking for one for ages, hopefully i can get one

  6. Seems like you’re starting to explore ways to improve your damage. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to your questions.

  7. Currently got 64 points into stamina

  8. Looks like you're using that popular solo build. Whip will eat your magicka away as the fight progresses and there's not much you can do about it other than switching to mag pots and food. Use your ults to keep your resources up. I would drop burning talons. I usually put that pvp recovery skill in that spot

  9. What would you replace burning talons with?

  10. Omg that looks amazing! Wow!

  11. Mmm, kinda depends. You can get away with it for a long time, depending on the kind of content you run. If you’re solo then yeah it’d be worth golding, if you work in disorganized group content or low pressure group content then yeah you could, so long as you have another source of minor slayer and/or have it full bodied with an arena weapon back bar instead of following the proc set meta. If you’re interested in end game content, then probably not. I’d still hold onto it if you ever need the flexibility of a crafted set or a raid lead requests light armor.

  12. Sorry for asking, if i back bar pillar for stamcro would you change any skills as i currently have stampede, avid boneyard, beckoning armour, Carve and skeletal archer

  13. If you’re solo, I’d change avid to unnerving boneyard for the aoe major breach. If group, I’d drop beckoning armor and double bar detonating siphon or slot another damage over time skill.

  14. What enchantment and trait for lightning staff?

  15. I'm still waffling between infused+weapon damage, sharpened+weapon damage or shock, or charged and shock. With one bar, you're missing out on the 100% uptime on 450 spell damage (before buffs!) from an infused backbar unless you put that on front. That gets buffed by medium armor, major/minor sorcery/brutality, fighters guild, etc. and the enchantment is a unique effect you can't get elsewhere. Non-infused weapon damage enchants will give you 350 but only 50% of the time. Precise is the pretty standard, safe option for pve and it will rarely be significantly worse than the best option.

  16. Now i’m thinking what skills to put on back bar😂

  17. Battlefront on ps2 back in the day especially playing multiplayer when you have mates around, Bespin cloud city and Platform were great.

  18. Loved playing this, the weapon customisation was crazy

  19. If you need the same armour piece to have different enchantments, you need 2 pieces of that piece with different enchantments. Make one save wearing one piece and make the other save wearing the other piece.

  20. Ah ok, monster sets and rings i need double of

  21. 0% from normal dungeons, you can only get monster head pieces on veteran mode.

  22. Hopefully momentum will carry us and the world cup break will be massive

  23. Just trying to work out a magcro build, got 2 pillar inferno staves and also got 2 pillar daggers

  24. Usually with a Mythic item equipped we're required to lose an item from the Monster 2 set.

  25. Ah ok, i got Zaans monster set atm

  26. However you loose order's when on the backbar, so choose your skills on backbar carefully, another stack or proc set instead of order's would be more efficient

  27. Would you recommend any armour? I’m trying to get rele but still need guards, boots and belt

  28. Unless I’m doing EC for the group, in most situation I’ll have skulls, detonating siphon, blastbones, camo hunter for buffs, and then trap with colossus as the ult on front bar. For my back bar I go unnerving boneyard, mystic orb, wall of elements, skeletal archer, and then a shield or a heal depending on if I’m doing mechanics in portal or something without a healer beside me. Edit: forgot to add the ult for back bar which is elemental rage.

  29. Magcro. If you’re on stam just use shards or the weapon that you are using spam skill, but I’d still pick shards still honestly for the passives.

  30. For your magcro do you use staves or daggers on front bar?

  31. When I do stamina necromancer, I still use stalking blastbones and a few other magicka skills. This puts quite a burden on my magicka pool, so I prefer having 2 light armor pieces to aid with that sustain. In 4-person groups you will often be under penetrating as a stamina user so light armor aids in that as well.

  32. Do the monster set have to be the same weight type?

  33. You can mix and match monster set weights. I typically use a weight that's not the same as the other 5. My real advice is to get rid of the heavy armor as soon as possible. It does nothing for your damage output.

  34. I got no heavy armour anyway, both med for Aegis caller and pillar

  35. Lmao this is so bad... they didn't even try to hide the collar on the right one lol

  36. Did notice that and the tongue doesn’t look right either

  37. Just started using Aegis caller

  38. Because nothing says party time like summoning a GIANT AEGIS! This one does look great!

  39. Really fun so far with the Aegis spinning blades

  40. Depends on Mag or Stam, and DD or Healer or tank. class isn't really relevant, role and playstyle is. Six different lists really, please be specific.

  41. Meant to put best sets for each playstyle/role

  42. for pve or pvp? Deadly Strike or Rallying cry are strong sets.

  43. Sounds like a good setup. I run pillar, stormfist, and either relequen, coral riptide, or whorl depending on the fight.

  44. I haven’t tried any trials yet

  45. Not sure tbh, which ones are worth doing?

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