1. I remove the posts when I see them. Obviously I’m 1 guy and things slip thru the cracks, it’s gonna happen. I ban the posts, but not the people. I don’t want to ban someone who genuinely may show an interest in the hobby but isn’t going about it in a way that follows the sub rules. The last thing I wanna do is dissuade someone from joining in the hobby.

  2. Plug the info into eBay and filter by sold listings.

  3. Am I missing something? This isn't linked to an eBay auction and it's has its own post.

  4. You can’t buy/sell/trade on the main feed. Different rules than

  5. Can’t sell on the main feed. See the “about” section of the sub for rules.

  6. I know…..right…haven’t hear of any of these players ….you..?

  7. [email protected] someone downvoting you because they thought you meant Cade when you were referring to Nassir Cunningham, who is in fact the #1 HS recruit for 2024.

  8. Everyone thinks they know stuff, lol. No biggie.

  9. You get the king of stirring shit up award 🤣

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