1. I think he explained it pretty clearly. Sloth people.

  2. Please ignore the star of david, I just realized it now. IT MEANS NOTHING. I JUST WANTED A POLYGON WITH MORE NOTICEABLE POINTS.

  3. Maybe try a star with 7 or 8 points instead, lol.

  4. Here's some of the more messed up things I've got in my world:

  5. How to get married in the Kingdom of New Amsterdam:

  6. "To win against evil, you have to be eviler than the evil."

  7. It will be so cool! Everyone will get drafted to fight a last great war, The war to end all wars.

  8. "We'll fight this war with germs and atoms and destroy our only homes. Our mutated descendants will battle the next with sticks and stones."

  9. You wrote it? Damn those lyrics bang dude! You should totally do a song, I'm being serious!

  10. Nah, I wish I came up with that lol, it's actually from the song "

  11. They would seem super smart because they don't have to study for tests. They just have to pay attention in class to learn the material and remember it.

  12. The same could be said about most large cities in America, New York, LA, Philly, Miami, Chicago, etc.

  13. "This Les E. Claypool III fella sounds like a Fine Primus character."

  14. Everybody gangsta til the cactus gets up and starts walking around

  15. I'm just against AI in general, so therefore I am against AI art.

  16. I'm against it because I feel like it is unnecessary.

  17. My ranking after my first listen through: (1 = favorite, 9 = least favorite)

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