1. GT-R donor car was F&F Lykin Hypersport, donor car for WRX was Audi Avant grocery gitter, also detailed the front grills

  2. The Lykin wheels are also staggered so rears have a deeper lip

  3. I have it on my Assassin. I can clear out a wave sitting at a checkpoint with one black powder bomb, and poison chain vanish assassinations. Any left alive (rarely happens), I take out with SK.

  4. In theory, with well-behaved and sane players, this could be amazing for coordination and situational awareness.

  5. That was so chaotic, the bear just floated up in mid air (33 sec mark)

  6. Happy you noticed it, it cracked me up too ๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. We won. It was fun. And hopefully they learned something.

  8. Yep. Was using a sort of unique build with Spirit Dog and increased Healing Spirit Radius plus Fire Master and 24% Ability Cooldown Reduction with Spirit Kunai and epic Caltrops. Lots of GW damage and cooldown reduction to keep healing Spirit Dog up.

  9. Smoke Bomb to keep enemies grouped for an AOE attack plus Munitions Perk is helpful

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