1. I thought the title was a pun or something. I laughed. Doesn’t appear it was meant to be comical.

  2. No one can ever do anything right…can they?

  3. I just found humor in the juxtaposition of the message with the medium.

  4. You may have but you also said something about low effort. Why? Who cares?

  5. Please don't destroy the city. You damn near killed one of my friends with broken glass after the floyde riots I would not like to see a repeat of this.

  6. Please understand the difference between a protestor and a rioter. They are not one in the same.

  7. If you say so. There are peaceful protests that happen every day. I don’t see news of riots resulting from those protests often. I think we’re batting 1000 for Columbus so far this year. The usage of often is certainly loosey goosey. I’d be interested in stats of percentage of rioters that started out as protesters…

  8. If we had the resources, we can just go to another state to get an abortion? Will insurance deny it?

  9. You can go to another state. Insurance doesn’t cover an abortion. Apparently if you get a D&C, it goes through insurance as an abortion (info from another post). If that’s true, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with D&Cs…

  10. Removal of a dead fetus from a womb. Sometimes necessary after a miscarriage. (I’ve simplified my understanding of it….no offense to anyone that’s had to unfortunately have one.)

  11. What about “my mom”? Still no bueno?

  12. Should we be concerned that this u/ has left without saying anything more? Has anyone been choked out? Everyone accounted for?

  13. I’m not being the pot police here…I seriously have a question. You legally can’t take flame to flower in Ohio. Can you legally take flame to the extracts or did the State have another method of consumption in mind? I’m strictly a flower and edible patient so all of these different extracts are a little too much for me…

  14. Darren always makes a kick ass pan of pot brownies.

  15. That’s part of my autism. Remembering names (and other things not like the average citizen)…Not psycho. Don’t flatter yourself. I read what you said, it just didn’t answer my questions so I carried on with my agenda. Isn’t that the point of Reddit? It’s fear mongering….that’s part of the problem that you’re not seeing that it is. Do you not understand how all the Trumpsters got brainwashed. Shit they read on social media!

  16. 2 of ableism on Reddit. All I was doing was explaining why your conclusion of me being psycho wasn’t accurate. Resorting to name calling is always a solid tactic.

  17. I sold my house (squirrel in the dryer vent and racoons in the fireplace).

  18. Probably really easy to do in the age of homebuyers passing on having inspections done.

  19. dont they usually get a line on the part of their belly without hair if their microchipped?

  20. It’s my understanding that microchips are placed in the back of the neck. They are the size of a grain of rice. No scars should be visible.

  21. Yeah…. that’s literally exactly the point everyone was trying to make to you lmao. They don’t sell this stuff anymore so it’s not new!!!!!!

  22. Ummm…I think that there is a lot of interpreting things incorrectly/misunderstanding on social media because there’s no tone and people try to keep things brief so they don’t include every single thought in their head when typing…so, I’m pretty sure you have REALLY misunderstood. You may have missed where I said it wasn’t “really old” but possibly 2 years old. I never said it was new…was never arguing that.

  23. Send me a link to some official Chief Wahoo gear.

  24. Question for you….can you explain what “at least 4-5 years old” means? Like…what ages are included in that?

  25. A difference should be made between people that are homeless/are threatened by homelessness due to 'bad luck'... vs. homeless because of 'bad life choices'. For example: someone is living a normal life, loose their job or become ill and have high medical bills...and just need some support until they are back on their feet, yeah help them.

  26. There’s sooooo many exceptions to what you seem to be claiming as an either this or that. We can’t look at it that way. Kids that are products of their environments, untreated mental health issues, the guy next door that was prescribed pain pills that then got addicted to heroin, fentanyl, on and on.

  27. No prices on the menu on the website 🚩 Cliché saying on the wall 🚩

  28. What do you think those numbers that follow the menu items mean?



  31. Again, so angry and for what? If you were referring to someone else, why did you reply to someone who was simply explaining what happened?

  32. Why are you so worried about who I replied to? Did they come back at me? Maybe they upvoted it? Again…bye, bitch.

  33. You replied very aggressively to the wrong person and you’re now wondering why people think you’re losing your shit for no reason. I was explaining it to you.

  34. I don’t care what people think of me. I thought that was pretty obvious. Go play with someone else.

  35. Tbh it seems like a not so future proof thing with the switch to electric.

  36. You think that that there will be even half electric vehicle usage by the time this person retires? Half of the cars on the road in 2052 will be electric? Impressive…

  37. Oh thats a good point. I didnt even consider electric cars. This is sounding worse and worse lol

  38. I don’t agree that it would make that much of a difference in our lifetime. Just to clear that up…

  39. Aaron’s Asphalt 614-996-8159 I don’t know where you are located or how far they will travel BUT we’ve been using them for 7 years, do a good job and don’t leave a mess. 2 coats…$100.

  40. I’m so jealous. Red rocks is amazing. I saw Florence and the machine during a may snow storm there a few years back. I couldn’t see the views because the snow fall was so thick but I will definitely return to take it all in.

  41. That sounds like an amazing experience. I’m obsessed with one of their videos from a live show…Dog Days are Over…it’s pouring down rain and she’s dancing around in circles and singing like no other. It gives me chills. Anywho, I hope you find your way back out for a show. This will be our second time.

  42. Next time you go to CO you should check out two spots; catch a concert at the Mishawaka and catch a concert at State Bridge

  43. Thank you soooo much! The kayaking sounds amazing. I wonder if the folks that live there ever tire of it…does the awestruck feeling ever dissipate…

  44. Yup. Per a quick google search. Auditor’s website will give you definitive info.

  45. I live nearby, its why I ask. That is a field. There are no structures there.

  46. I felt every bit of what you said. You are fighting every day to be alive. Don’t beat yourself up too hard. You can only do what you can do and I hope for you that others are understanding of that. It’s not fair that we have to battle cancer AND have to worry about paying bills, work…

  47. Will have well/septic when we retire and build a cabin in the woods. I get it…you think I don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s not really the case. Sorry.

  48. Will have well/septic when we retire and build a cabin in the woods. I get it…you think I don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s not really the case. Sorry. And you’re talking in circles….your explanation as to why it wasn’t a dumb question doesn’t make sense. You wanted to know if I had sewer and water provided by the city where I lived which was in the city of Massillon and now Columbus because cities annex townships to provide water and sewer 😵‍💫 They aren’t annexing land to do anyone a favor except themselves.

  49. You ask a dumb question that clearly shows you don’t have any idea what a city annexing part of township looks like and then walk away? Let’s go!

  50. Looks like a science experiment. Taking it to the next level for sure.

  51. I don’t have a shop recommendation but how to maybe help keep you on track with your budget. I got a white bridesmaid’s dress. With alterations (including requesting extra length to alter to replicate a train) was a little over $400/below $500. This was back in 2010 so prices may be different. Best of luck on your search!

  52. My oncotype score had a bit on the second or third page about the percentage lower recurrence was with hormone therapy. For me, it only brought my chance of recurrence down by 5%. Do you have the full copy of your oncotype test?

  53. I just located page 2 of 2 so have some more reading to do. Didn’t notice that they only scanned page 1 of 2 into patient portal in one section but full report was elsewhere. Thanks!

  54. Judging and telling me how I should feel about what others say. Cute.

  55. Absolutely or I wouldn’t have said you were trying to tell me how to feel. This is how I see it…I’ve been through some pretty traumatic events (death of SO, abortion, cancer) and sometimes you have to laugh so you don’t cry, sometimes you just have to be blunt as fuck so maybe your opposition will get that they are spreading misinformation/gaslighting, sometimes you say super sarcastic crass things because you’re tired of the ignorance of others. That’s how I see it. You see this as women being proud of having abortions. Those are your words….that is how you started this comment thread and this is where I will end it. I hope if you or anyone close to you needs an abortion that they have access to a safe and legal abortion.

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