1. I DEMAND this be taken down immediately. I DO NOT consent the republishing of my own personal notations, posts and/or comments. I will contact the mods and Reddit as required. This is a full and final warning.

  2. The warning needs to be in red, wet ink.

  3. Discrimination is not a financially good move for an employer though.

  4. Looks like a different angle but really they had just stuffed him back in the canon to have another go.

  5. But half the time it’s just people parked normally who overstayed. That doesn’t justify a extortionate fine especially now

  6. They should just ban prepay parking. It should always be pay on leaving so you can never overstay.

  7. They get punished by people still attempting to get their prams through. I know i do. I'm not putting my baby in the road because of some idiot.

  8. The problem isn't ever the speed, it's the deceleration...

  9. Yep. That's why a 60mph crash into a 60mph car in the opposite direction is no different than hitting a wall (assuming the cars are same weight)

  10. Defo an unpopular opinion. Smallest to largest is the most logical.

  11. Used to be an ostrich farm in Blackrod, Bolton. We'd get eggs from there occasionally and make huge amounts of scrambled egg or an omelette. Always wanted to do giant fried egg but we never managed to open one without breaking the yolk.

  12. There's the YHA in Manchester for the short term but depends how much stuff he has.

  13. Usual antivax response when they are caught lying.

  14. You're so closed minded. Enjoy living in fear.

  15. Add vegan ham and call it Seitan & cheesus Christ.

  16. England absolutely racialises travellers, Irish, Romani edit or English or Scottish.

  17. It's the sea of destruction always left in their wake that is far too common to be coincidence that's the problem. It's not a race thing, it's their culture of shitting where you sleep that impacts those around them.

  18. Ah yes the Automated Teller Machineyolatrolamaton! - Mr. Burns

  19. Meesa no thinksy of any characters that are badda badda boom.

  20. Could try this num: 01656 655555 for South Wales police.

  21. The fact they still don't have all the intricacies worked out and documented, specifically finances, even though you'd have expected that to exist since 2014, is ridiculous.

  22. I had an MRI on my shoulder and wasn't even asked to take my belt off.

  23. Personally, I'd get as much debt onto 0% as you can.

  24. I voted Plug In Baby. I'm really curious which song loses next. I don't know what I should vote after PiB is out lol

  25. "We'd pay you less, but legally we can't."

  26. Lol I guess you've taken your first coding class huh? Well wait until you learn how to use guard clauses

  27. What's the difference between artificial intelligence and natural intelligence?

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