1. Every match is still too much though, muscle memory takes longer

  2. Agreed. 30 minutes is not enough to make something habit.

  3. Hey, that's great. Record one or two games and upload them to YouTube unlisted. Join my Discord and post them in the Submit-Vods chat. Then we'll find time to analyse them.

  4. a place where you can buy reaver vandal for 10$

  5. A place where you can dream that you buy Reaver vandal for £10 and instead get smite knife and rush bulldog

  6. Bro it’s not Smurfs or cheaters keeping you in bronze lmfao you just deserve it.

  7. Fr he got the bronze hardstuck 'low elo hell' mindset

  8. Not for me 💀 I've been playing for 3 weeks now, ended up in Bronze 3 after placement games and then got carried by Reyna smurfs whilst solo qing on my team to Silver. Now every game is hell and I bottom frag so hard.

  9. Okay this is the strat, you que comp hover a controller, witness 4 duellist instalock and then swap on the final second to the 5th duellist. Endless fun

  10. 4 duelist instalock in comp wtf that sounds like pure hell

  11. I recently picked up Yoru and he's pretty fun. Smart players won't fall for his clone, but most fall for his fake teleport. And when they do fall for the clone it's extremely satisfying.

  12. In low elo most people will fall for clone tho right?

  13. Yes, I currently have two vandals. I regret buying origin, so I bought neptune.

  14. make killjoy's and viper's ult effect teammates

  15. Excellent idea, Gl to killjoy 1v5ing every time she ults.

  16. There is a pretty big difference between the average player bronze/silver/gold and diamond 3.

  17. There’s not much in it between gold and diamond and a diamond player might teach those ranks things that need to be untaught, imo

  18. Everyone else is getting their comp matches thrown by Reyna instalock trolls but I keep on getting my rank boosted by Reyna smurfs on my team bruh.

  19. Literally just force yourself to aim at roughly head hight all the time in game when you're walking around the map. Just play like this and overtime it might become a habit.

  20. Every time me and my quad stack do that we get destroyed though lmao

  21. Could be a visual bug, caused by the tp or something. Similar to the glitched kayo guns stuff🤔

  22. Lmao. Kind of hoping both that this will never appear in my games but also hoping it will.

  23. Play with your team. The biggest mistake low ELO players make is splitting up when there's a 2v1 scenario.

  24. Bro but I just wanna instalock reyna, solo wide peak and die first every round and go 1-30 😢

  25. I see many people seem to have PTSD with Raze's line...

  26. Or you know… the devs could make a map that isn’t dog ass… idk just a thought

  27. I dont absolutely hate breeze but I would prefer ANY other map over it (literally any is better) and my friend who I queue with just dodges anyway whenever it's breeze anyway.

  28. Istg. The respawn is dogshit. Either I would get spawned in a place where 2 or 3 ppl have a clear shot on me or the game would spawn enemies right behind me when I'm tryna kill someone.

  29. I don't understand how you can spawn practically directly in front of someone? These spawns are absolute bs, need a revamp.

  30. Sweaty? All the StaZ members I've played against have the skill level of a stale piece of bread.

  31. StaZ consists of lvl 20 0.8kd clowns who hackusate me whenever I kill them once

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