1. I'll write an essay for every masterpiece whether you like it or not and you can't stop me baka

  2. I used to have a problem like this years ago, clean install did it for me even if it's not preferable

  3. Try using netwotk manager cli or something like that. The router files you mention and credentials should be all you need.

  4. I'll consider it, but I really think that what I am asking should be simple enough to do without network manager. I think the less things I have installed and the less programs are doing steps for me, the better, it would be easier to avoid issues that way.

  5. yeah, I finally managed to get it to work, sorry for the late response, the holidays kept me busy

  6. I had seen this meme for years, and only today I noticed he gave her his whole outfit. Not just the coat

  7. Wait, where are you seeing that he gave her his whole outfit? Lol

  8. Before I go back to my coffin and dissapear for another 2 months, I want to say

  9. it's usually caused by hormones during the teenage years, so hopefully they will grow out of it.

  10. good point, and the specific reason why that word is in there. my son might face something similar, as his mother has inherited a congenital form of schizophrenia from her father and my son might inherit it from her. if that's the case then i'm going to be putting up with it for a lot longer than just the hormonal teenage years.

  11. now I'm imagining you keeping a diary where you write down game plots to keep track of them

  12. I used to do this with some games, just more boring and more focused on what to do next. I only summarized what happened, but I remember everything with just a hint so it's not a whole summary

  13. I want you to look at this video, and realize that the other guy he was with was laughing.

  14. and then people make fun of me for having alts I use to say and do things that could potentially generate a ban or negative response (not to do continuous harrasment or evade a ban, also, I stopped using Reddit like 2 months ago so not for Reddit)

  15. Update: Somehow, this account's dashboard feels both better and worse now, I rather make a new account and sub to the things I liked here

  16. I've heard so many people say this but every man I know has more friends than any woman I know.

  17. Are they real friends though? Or just "playmates"?

  18. Netgear R7800 (or XR500, which is the same without eSATA), or Linksys E8450 (or Belking RT3200, which is the same).

  19. My comparison said R7800 was the best choice, but the price pulled me back (I am guessing), which doesn't make sense. I have no idea why I set the ebay price on R8000 but not R7800

  20. Literally got mine for 50 USD off eBay. YMMV, but yeah.

  21. yeah I find them to be still at a similar price or less, though if not used they are 80 dollars

  22. In a parody, the kid would be thrown at the woman she was going to attack. It would be really funny

  23. While I agree completely that firefox's default PDF viewer is absolute trash, I don't really hold too much against them because it's not a program designed for PDFs. I just have firefox use chrome to open PDFs. Yeah, it's a little inconvenient, but I don't use PDFs enough to care. It's not like I have to worry about cookies or anything. Browsers don't really make an effort for excel/word documents, why should I expect them to for PDFs?

  24. I use Slimjet instead. Takes less resources than chrome and it's probably more privacy friendly.

  25. You mean the stupid TOR integration that was useless due to a bug some time ago even though even TOR people themselves advise to only use the TOR browser? The (useless for most people) crypto stuff? Or the "mistake" where they added their referrer IDs to some links people browsed?

  26. I can think of cons for Firefox, but they are very minor

  27. Probably because you're in a privacy subreddit while openly using a very non-private browser simply for the sake of convenience.

  28. Not everyone has the same threat model though, it's not okay. He's not telling anyone to make the same decisions as him or have the same priorities

  29. I hope you are able to ask for help somewhere where you can disclose your country, because that might really help. Maybe a place where you were anonymous would do

  30. "it took minutes just opening the recycle bin" if you tweak windows enough and your computer is not old, you can get it down to a minute. I say this as someone who had a similarly sized recycle bin before... I think

  31. From my experience, yes, things can go wrong (e.g your computer won't start. Also, the OS i just updated had to erase my hdd. There was no option to just upgrade the current hdd (they're working to add this later afaik). good thing I backed up everything. Tedious, tho).

  32. issues are more likely on old machines (Machine not starting) but in your case, I think it was more than that.

  33. I have a Dell Xps 8500 PC. Pretty sure that's old, right? lol. Decent Cpu tho imo. I got it pretty cheap too.

  34. yeah that's old, 2012, I usually go by date because even if the computer is pretty decent and quick, the main problem is just how things get updated and your computer just doesn't have those upgrades. The only way to upgrade your machine would be to replace a part

  35. nah, the only person I met who said that was someone who just left a shitty relationship and was mean to guys because of it (she stopped hating though, that's nice)

  36. Everyone still on tumblr is clearly stuck in 2008 so it makes total sense

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