I cosplayed Lucy! (pulled an all nighter to finish this)

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  1. Thanks everyone! I guess Germany is my go to. I’ll also look at America and Russia too

  2. Im looking to upgrade from 3700x to 5800x3d once prices drop and 7000 series becomes more mainstream m

  3. Quick update here. Decided to pull the trigger on the 2020 macbook air m1 chip. Difference is like night and day. Quick and snappy, and with education pricing it was a decent save. Wasnt really interested in the m2 also, mainly because when im jumping from an intel 1.5ghz to an m1 or m2 there was bound to be a performance difference, so i stuck with the slight cheaper option.

  4. Thanks everyone for providing me avenues to tackle these issues. Ultimately, I would like to reboot the pc and see if that fixes the issue, or I could just purchase a new Macbook. I’ll wait for the final poll results to persuade me! Its so good to know others are still chugging along with macbooks of similar age and older!

  5. Forgot to mention! I'm a teacher so my activities and my classroom / lesson plans / work are all on my macbook. Hence why its been with me for a few years past its date.

  6. Is it possible to run a monitor with KVM ( keyboard / mouse controls ) through USB - C to a Macbook Air 13" (2015)?

  7. Looks so good! How did you achieve that borderlands cartoon effect? Almost looks 3d

  8. Such a rigorous process, but it paid off well! Great effort

  9. Hey mate, fellow Aussie here. Quick search found these.

  10. Great answer. What are some names / shops you could provide instead of answering yes? I’m from Australia, but a simple google search of ‘Washington state Shisha shops’ brings me a few results up.

  11. WD Hookah. Stainless steel and smokes like a champ.

  12. Try a flavour saver metal coil with some aluminium for your head. 3 coals (make sure they are heated up properly on all sides. Form a triangle of coals on top of the coil and let them sit for 2-3 minutes.

  13. Thank you to everyone here for sharing their favourite and top flavours! I’ve bookmarked this post and hope to eventually try each and every flavour posted here throughout the year. I’m going to go through chronological order of each post try every flavour.

  14. It’s like a cream mint it’s so good, I solo it all the time. Idk if haze brand is available to you but their what-a-mint flavor is similar but much stronger mint in my opinion.

  15. Haze im not too sure but will have a look when i hit the shops on payday. Sounds great, i enjoy mint 👍

  16. Looks great. How come the corsair SFX cpu 8 pin doesn’t reach? I’m also downgrading from a 011d mini, desk space is shrinking.

  17. Looking at about 390 mm total. About 75mm of height to work with assuming a 20mm gpu waterblock

  18. Sounds good. I'm using Phanteks 30mm 120mm fans so i think that shouldn't be an issue assuming I place the loop fittings either front or rear with some imaginative 45 and 90 degree angles.

  19. Bookmarked but eta is 2023 sometime. Shame I would have purchased one on the spot

  20. Something else to consider is storage, if you have multiple M.2’s now then you may need to choose the motherboard carefully to make use of them. A bit more there may save buying a sata SSD etc ....unless you can get away with less storage? Or maybe just get by with one M.2 for now and buy a drive later which is what I’ve done in the past.

  21. thanks! yes for m.2s i'm checking compatibel itx boards if i need to switch them out and if they have the appropiate gen 4 speeds and pcie bandwidth. yep the 30mm fans are a bit of an issue i'm also keeping in mind.

  22. Hi! any response? The provided screws with the T30 are not M4 right ?

  23. Did the screws included in the T30 box allow you to mount the fans to the radiator?

  24. Nope. The threads are too thin and are too loose to fit on the corsair radiators. I used the radiator screws from the corsair radiators and they worked. Just be advised that screwing the fans onto the radiators is just enough. Wouldn’t suggest also going fans / case chassis / radiator as that 1-2mm is needed to secure the fans to the radiator

  25. I feel like a white radiator would have really put the finishing touches on this build. Maybe I'm just being picky.

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