1. Meh it’s the MGS that you get the exact same experience from watching on YouTube that you do from playing. No big loss

  2. The Yautja didn’t invent their technology. The Amengi did, the Yautja just took it all when they overthrew the Amengi.

  3. I refuse to just accept that, and I hate this so called superior Amengis

  4. They are a fictional race of extraterrestrial people-hunters… they don’t “deserve” anything. They were written the way they were written

  5. Scorpion is a literal Ninja, Sub-Zero goes out of his way to reinforce that neither he nor the Lin Kuei are ninjas. Reptile isn’t even human

  6. Unless it was explicitly stated that they did then no. Cerberus Cells have absolutely no contact between each other. They don’t know names, locations, projects, etc.

  7. Yes monster movies are a specific genre, it is simply a subgenre a movie with a nonhuman, creature antagonistic treat it is not a formula it is a genre nothing else there is no rule saying the monster cam never win, the monster can never survive, no godzilla isisnt a slasher movie but what stops the next predator movie from being one? It is genre that is it, there is no such thing as a formula, no unspoken rule, a monster movie is a movie with an antagonistic monster, it does not make a single goddam diference if the monster wins or not, that is on the writer not on the movie

  8. Monster movies and slashers movies are literally built on formulas that they perfected. They popularized those formulas so heavily that spoof/parody movies of the genres were made about the formulas themselves.

  9. A formula that does not exist because it is a genre not a rule, there aren't build on anything other than what the person writing it wants, and it this kind of mentality of rerachaning a nonexistent formula following a imaginary rule that gave us bad movies like the predator, Independence Day 2 and every single jurasick world movies, movies that dont stop following the same inextsant formula and refuse to innovate so instead they just go bigger and bigger and bigger until eventually they dont have any more space to fit in

  10. No they don’t, nothing about them fits into DC’s writing style even remotely

  11. You are going to have to be way more specific. Server? Faction? Guild?

  12. I can’t imagine how you would go about turning Rimworld into a mostly ocean-based game

  13. Could do something like SoS2 does. Don't see why the vacuum couldn't just be replaced with deep water and scanning for sites/ships can't be a crows nest. I have no idea what One Piece is though but it looks like a pirate anime?

  14. It is the longest running, best selling Manga ever made and also a long as fuck anime about Pirates

  15. It’s a subspecies of Yautja with different gear, it isn’t less advanced

  16. They had an unneeded amount of CGI scenes. Like the one where he is just sitting there tending to his wounds is fully CG when that should have been a practical shot.

  17. Bro look at his hands, those are gloves and the entire predator in that scene is a suit. The unique CG part is when his wound closes.

  18. No that scene is entirely CGI, not a single part of him in that is practical

  19. In P2 it showed they were capable of observing when they wanted. They are also shown assessing prey many times and of course the taking of trophies indicates that they are interested in particular prey. Xenomorph being the prime example.

  20. Rewatch the film. Feral didn’t go after any prey specifically. He wandered around taking on anything he could find. Making stuff up doesn’t change what already happened in the film

  21. The ships can be set to self destruct just like the wrist device. If they aren’t then they remain cloaked likely until another Yautja recovers/destroys them.

  22. Race is the least important factor for anything in ESO. Any content from the easiest to the hardest can be done efficiently regardless of race chosen

  23. Hollywood essentially refuses to risk making movies without human protagonists. You have to look into the indie/b-movie space for proper non-human stuff. I suggest a movie called “Hunter Prey” (probably free on YouTube) to see how a film can almost entirely omit humans while still making a good movie

  24. It’s cute that you are tying to pretend to be a troll to divert from the hilarity of the nonsense you’ve stated. Once again: I must be blind because you can’t see the irony?

  25. Considering that you are the one spamming me with hostile messages like an insecure child I think we all know who can’t sleep at night

  26. The only bit that stood out as nonsensical for me what how she “figured out” that he sees in infrared. She gives the flower to the translator, the Yautja shows up, the translator plays dead, the Yautja doesn’t acknowledge him… so she just figured out that he sees heat from this somehow… instead of Occam’s Razor saying that him playing dead is why he wasn’t noticed.

  27. It’s literally called “Horus Heresy”. 30k is just the community shorthand for it

  28. A show that flat out ignores everything about the source material it’s based on and just just does “whatever”?… no I don’t think that would work

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