1. I guess from what I was reading Is that screw in was the best?

  2. Yes, I have the GMMK Pro and the board it came with

  3. When cross-save will come, you'll have option to ask DE support to transfer your items on your behalf. Like he said, manual transfer is forbidden.

  4. As it is a newly released ship, 3-4 weeks after it was released, so, 2-3 weeks from now.

  5. You wont be able to sell or upgrade them, if you want the tier 3 keep your points.

  6. I just plugged my controller into my pc and was able to preview them and select them using it. But it still won’t work with my mouse. But you can select and equip it with the controller

  7. As stupid as this is it works for some reason.

  8. I know that's the challenge, but it's not unlocked to track it and it's like the skin doesn't exist to my game. I can't interact with them, they don't get highlighted for selection when I move my mouse over them like every other skin. It's like I have 4 tiles for the skins that the UI doesn't know about

  9. Yes, but you can still make progress towards the challenge. I just unlocked mine but the problem is still there, I'm unable to mouse over it, so hopefully it'll get fixed soon I guess

  10. Ah okay I’ll check when I get home, thanks!

  11. Happy Gjallarhorn day, thank you

  12. Hunter looks dope, what shaders did you use for it?

  13. I honestly thought there were only three pages when first looking at this on my phone, my bad lol

  14. Anyone else getting an error during their 'Get Ready' set up? I was going through the process earlier but didn't go past 'Browse iPhone accessories' since I wasn't sure what accessories I wanted to get. Refreshed the page an hour later and now I can't browse accessories. "Some of the items are no longer available. Please review your order and select another product." I've only selected the iPhone 13 mini starlight 128gb. I haven't added anything else yet.

  15. Also getting the same message. I had my ‘Get Ready’ setup last night, now when I check on the app I get a message saying my pre-order has expired. So I go ahead and try to place another one but I’m getting the same error that you got.

  16. I've been getting nw-31456-9 errors since last night and I never had this issues since the entire lifespan of PS4/Pro

  17. Really weird. My error code is NP-40833-8 and when I go to their website it doesn't even exist on there. 1 Minute I'm playing my game and the next my PS4 Just doesn't work. Your right, it really does suck.

  18. Thanks for doing this, hopefully I win!

  19. Same thing here, tried trading with two seperate players. All of us restarted our games and still not working.

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