1. I just lost my account, so I will be eventually posting the dung defender moveset on

  2. Connect an Apple account to your Reddit account. The option is in your settings right under the Google connection. When that's done it should allow you to disconnect your old Google account since you have another account connected. Then you can connect the Google account you want and set a password from there.

  3. Update: I tried creating a twitter account instead and it worked! The problem is I still need a reddit password to disconnect my google account since reddit can't send the link to me. Do you have the link they send people to create reddit passwords by any chance? Edit: turns out can't log in to my account using twitter, so sending me a link would really be a great help.

  4. Unfortunately I can't do that since I don't have a reddit password, and creating one needs them to send me a link to my disabled/ deleted account.

  5. Unfortunately, no. You can change an account's password if you have access to its recovery email, and you can change an account's recovery email if you know its password, but without either you can't make changes to an account.

  6. Aklaba booptis. That one with the shade looks cool btw

  7. When ogrim leaves the dung cave he goes to find the other great knights and when he realizes that they're dead he sets out to try and destroy as many infected creatures as possible in he name of his friends.

  8. Pre-infection, I’d say Greenpath. This lush place used to be part of the queen’s gardens, so it would’ve been quite comfortable. Moreover, Queen’s Station is very close by, allowing me access to the greater kingdom of hallownest. Most importantly, the place isn’t as melancholic as the city of tears, but I would be able to visit it for its comforts.

  9. Greenpath wasn't part of the queen's gardens, the queen's gardens was a part of greenpath.

  10. Greenpath wasn't part of the queen's gardens, the queen's gardens was a part of greenpath.

  11. i did these all. but i say : can we see healthy and alive myla again?(i didnt kill she yet)

  12. The developers said if you didn't kill her physical body, she might still be alive. Key word might.

  13. Do you not see Myla? Have you gotten a dreamer yet? Have you returned to infected crossroads yet? Have you went back to the crystal peaks entrance yet... If you've done all those things, I will explain to you why Myla is gone.

  14. You can hold the tiny blob of fidough in your hand and pet it.

  15. White defender and Gpz are my most favorite bosses.

  16. I was kinda disappointed that some of most interesting bosses didn't initially make it into the original tournament, so I made mine! Go to

  17. Although I do think it’s too early for another since the first one was last year and this one wouldn’t make sense back to back with mine

  18. I added all the bosses and will make another post with it once I get enough feedback

  19. Bird that needs an airplane runway to take flight, but died before it was invented. Looks like a chimera of a lizard and a turkey.

  20. You can go back to the dung defender arena before defeating the dreamers and he will actually pop up and a friendly conversation with you!

  21. My favorites are dung and white defender, they're not too hard to be frustrating or too easy to not feel satisfying. For worst boss I was going to say vengefly king because the fight is slow, but then I remembered no eyes and her beautiful singing.

  22. After I beat gruz mother. The combat is so satisfying.

  23. As bosses are included (looking at massive moss charger), Dung defender! He is one of the only friendly bugs in all of hallownest. He even apologizes after you fight him. Also gruzzer.

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