1. Oh he did much worse than just say we didn't understand our disorder, we've just kept it more safe for work in this comment. He ended up blocking us because we were an Eddsworld watcher.

  2. Honey, youre speaking with someone who has a medical diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, something that the DCM15 says contributes to more than just mental fracturing, are you really sure you wanna ask me how something can be 123 pieces of a spectrum? Becuase choom i have 5 fractures all of which right now are ready to find someone and put a brick through their skull. People like you are the reason. I could tell you about how each fracture formed, but i fear once you hear the sex trafficibg trauma story that i faced at age 7 youll wanna blow your brains out. Im being real as i can be when i tell you that i am not the problem, but hateful people like yourself who have to be right about everything, are the very same people who turned me into what society calls a monster. And thats not even talking about my transidentity i now have at 27 years old. My boyfriend just broke up with me, would you like to test my knif collection?

  3. Please don't make comments linking BPD with acts of violence; it contributes to the stigma of a very anguishing personality disorder that is far too often demonized already.

  4. If that's the case, would you really want to get into 'heaven'? Wouldn't hell be a better place by those standards?

  5. I think your addition that even positive triggers can be disadvantageous at times is prime insight. And you honed in on plenty of nuance (eg the why’s of the wardrobe solution ideally being a middle road, the differentiation between announcing switches to the world in a flashy and overt way vs indicating them subtly to those in the know) that I didn’t have the bandwidth to zero in on in the gargantuan comment covering the fundamentals of each of OP’s bullet points. The recommendation of a YouTube channel actually belonging to an organisation of actual medical professionals was something I actually hadn’t even thought of, even though I just watched the one put out by McLean a few days ago. So nice catch there. 👍🏻

  6. Thank you. It was admittedly a lot to type up on mobile, but I thought that all of it was important.

  7. Is this the same studio that made the spiders scene with Jill Valentine? Can't make up their mind.

  8. Were there ever any confirmed kills with these?

  9. I know it's not like a sword bayonet or anything, but I'm sure one of these into the throat with some structure behind it could do some real damage.

  10. That is not a friend. Sorry, just read the title. I'll read the rest and get back, but just from the title, someone trying to control your mind to that extent is not a friend.

  11. Is there really a compelling game play reason to not have the weapons be ambidextrous?

  12. It's funny you mentioned that. As a simple answer, not really no. It was just mostly about some weapons being a little too large to fit in the other slot. I had a conversation with my team last night as we are still considering it. What are your thoughts?

  13. I think the best solution is to get some clearly defined conventions for each slot. Now, I'm not at all familiar with the mechanics of your game, but I do see that you have multiple categories of stats. You can set the president that shoulder weapons have longer range or higher accuracy or whatever benefit that makes them generally more reliable in some circumstances, whereas the side-mounted weapons generally deal the most raw damage.

  14. I kept traveling with Nick Valentine because I saw him bitch slap a supermutant to the prydwyn deck and I wanted to see it happen again.

  15. So them being Christian is ultimately what decided whether they got a round through the face or not?

  16. Literally after having known we are a system for about a year, sitting down next to us in class and looking us straight in the face and telling us:

  17. Good. It'd be tragic for someone more obstinate to make their way into the profession.

  18. This one was unexpected (hence the "weird" designation), but a lighthearted one for a small change of pace for those scrolling.

  19. It’s not a high powered rifle, most small Calibers enter the skull and can’t exit , it’s not like the movies bud

  20. So several things to keep in mind, when it comes to the PF/RA connection…..

  21. It's strange how few people, even in the sub, really understand that not remembering the worst parts is the mean feature of dissociative amnesia.

  22. My server invites more well read systems to it. Spending some time on there really changes my perspective when I come back here.

  23. DID stuff aside it still just wasn't a good show. It's a good thing they made the main character so uninteresting because it was less frustrating to see him constantly upstaged.

  24. Forged In Fire did it a couple times with a 1911. The bullet would split into two or three pieces that would diverge about 15°-30° from their original course. The blades were seemingly unharmed, although one took a minor clip on the T-back spine and a couple took a little finish damage.

  25. Huh. Interesting to know it's just humanly impossible, not physically impossible.

  26. Well, you'd have two or three holes in you instead of one, so it's still not great.

  27. One day that was deliberately overlayed and drowned out with toilet day.

  28. This seems like a bad source. "Core and alters" is a very outdated way to think of DID.

  29. I'm very thankful for being co-con, I do enjoy it. I think we're just wanting the others to get time out alone sometimes, while also giving me a bit of a break.

  30. Sorry, I came across as pretty gruff. I know the feeling of just wanting to step away from it all for awhile.

  31. Best answer I've got is to work on your relationship with the rest of the system.

  32. That too, for sure! Though unfortunately that is a long term change not one that can be applied overnight

  33. It's sad to see you getting downvoted. If you could just choose not to split, no one would have DID.

  34. FR, right??? Like…. Sometimes I think kids really be out here trying to act like their DID is a choice. But is that internalised ableism? Is it extreme denial? Is it indirect confession that they’re just RP-ing? Or is it an attempt to cling to an illusion of agency over a thing that quite literally is a function of being experientially stripped of agency?

  35. The idea of it being a substitute belief seems plausible, bit I don't think that's the only thing going on here. I think part of it is underesucation, and lurking plurals with hurt feelings. I think the largest, if not most vocal, segment of it is the group who isn't genuine.

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