1. Unfortunately I won’t be. How about you?

  2. I so wish I could give you an award. I love Darkman with a fiery passion!

  3. I meant the meaning and lyrics of the song. Fried Noodles is my favorite song

  4. That's just because it's a female lead TV show where the character is Muslim and a fan of Captain Marvel. I loved the comic and I'm a big fan of the show, despite all the undeserved hate.

  5. I haven't watched it yet but I watch all of the marvel shows so I will eventually. Kenobi was of course the priority.

  6. Ms Marvel is definitely one of higher quality. Better than Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it's right around par with Loki.

  7. DooM 3 is one of those games that everyone hated but now everyone is warming up to the game now.

  8. Are you talking about the black symbiote suit, or the cloth black suit in the first picture?

  9. He looks like he about to ask if you have games on your phone

  10. I'm currently watching it, and I will be completely honest and say that I think the show has leaned too far into the LGBTQ+ inclusion stuff. I'm sorry, but it's off-putting.

  11. That Atlantis episode did throw me for a loop with Lagaan. And I'm not sure if they understand that being gay and a Muslim doesn't mix very well

  12. There was never any clues or hints. He was always in love with Stephanie. It's literally just a marketing plot because "being gay is a character trait". Even his original creator says that Tim is straight.

  13. You'd be really surprised on how many people agree with you. My personal favorite is Superior Spider-Man, Back in Black second, but Ultimate is a close third

  14. Far From Home completely deserved the hate. The story was ass and they ruined Mysterio

  15. I know it's a shit meme. The normies just don't like it and are getting offended.

  16. 2 dads and still raised an idiot. Sheeeeesh.

  17. Hey, at least I can read English, and I'm not a dyslexic whiner who can't read a simple sentence.

  18. People hate Chris Pratt because he's Christian, and I didn't know if this was a dig at him or not.

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