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  1. When I am present, I am happy, when I burden my self with the past, I am a sour or bitter apple.

  2. good choice. I've been feeling a bit bitter lately. But, also, I feel like I'm seeing the harsh truth of past situations I used to lie to myself about ("oh, this is not so bad!"). So I guess this temporary bitterness is normal. IWNDWYT

  3. Yeah, seeing the truth can cause some real guilt and shame. I did some deep inquiry work with questions from the Recovery Dharma book last year and it made me wake up and realize so much from another perspective.

  4. For the first time ever, it’s not icecream or online shopping or sandwiches, …

  5. I see the warmth of present spring, when I do not see my shadow too.

  6. True. If the top 10% went cold turkey the whole industry would collapse.

  7. Love the concept of doing nothing, till calmer mind prevails. Impulsive behavior is what gets us here.

  8. That’s so true! Last night, for about 10 minutes, everything I have to do rushed into my mind all at once and it all needed doing NOW! Apparently! I did nothing until the urgency passed and I’m still alive today! Have a great day sober friend 💞

  9. This is learnt from listening to Anna Lembke on Rich Roll podcast, marker 50:53

  10. Ditto, it made me so unsociable and so alienated, lethargic, self doubting and just stuck. Wanting to do nothing else but get the next fix to oblivion.

  11. I’m grateful for all the time I have when sober. I don’t always spend it wisely but I definitely spend it better than I did before (and can remember it). Sometimes it’s not always a good thing. Like today I thinking Jesus I’m bored, how about a drink? But I stopped and thought about how it’s a luxury to be bored. Time to think and be still. Iwndwyt

  12. I like that perspective, what a luxury to Ben bored and use the time to self reflect or journal.

  13. I’m grateful for this sub it has been amazing in terms of support and motivation. I was originally just doing dry January but then had the idea of not drinking until my holiday in mid March, then the goal has moved to one year, secretly I never want to drink again, I don’t shout about because it’s a huge goal and it’s easier to break it down to day by day. Congratulations to everyone here for your sobriety be it one hour or twenty years, it all counts and thank you for being here ❤️ IWNDWYT

  14. We got this friend, and you’re so right, we need to remember 💞

  15. We sure do, thank you @brighter68. What a supportive & caring co passenger on this wonderful journey.

  16. We’re on the same team friend, and remember it’s the company on the journey that counts 💞

  17. Iwndwyt! I've been busy, not checking in, not working steps and not using meditation. At the same time I've been really jealous of all my friends and family drinking recently. Obvious connection there but only just noticed today. Easy to fall back into old patterns. Back to the basics!

  18. This exact thing has been happening to me this month. “Others do it, what difference does it make if I do it…” blah blah blah! Back to basics 💪🏼

  19. I did that most of last week, with a full blown rage by the end of the week.

  20. You’ve got this. I’m hoping to get back on the train too. This wasn’t worth it.

  21. We all wanted 30 years sobriety the first week. You can do this! I see people succeed all the time. IWNDWYT

  22. Yeah so true, the need to fix it fast and let it be behind me is high, but I will be very mindful of the baby steps this time. Been burnt with too many relapses in the past 18 months.

  23. I’m a lot like you describe yourself. It got much more manageable when I finally convinced myself that it took me a long time of consistent, regular drinking to get where I was so it was just fine if it took a long time of consistent, regular sobriety for it to stick.

  24. There’s some interesting supplementation advise on fitrecovery.com I have not bought stuff from there, but from local stores and some like Vitamin B complex, Magnesium help a lot.

  25. Kudos on making the change and sticking with a growth mindset. That’s so inspirational.

  26. I faltered today. Long story but am now drinking. I honestly know it will be for one day. Not gonna beat myself up. Learning from the experience and my triggers and will start again tomorrow. The end.

  27. I faltered all of this week. Turning into a full blown relapse by yesterday. Now on Day 1. What I learnt is I just do need to be open and talk my urges out when they swing by.

  28. I did that earlier this week and yesterday was a shit show. Caused too much drama, and now things are a 1000 times worse for sure.

  29. I am contemplating a move and finances too, and I gave in and induced a lot yesterday.

  30. I can resonate 100% with you David. The irritation, the anger and frustration.

  31. It's very hard going sometimes, infuriating, even. But I wish you well, friend. - IWNDWYT.

  32. Another good resource that I heard today was Rich Roll podcast - Anna Lembke on the neuroscience of addiction. At 50:53 she describes the two kinds of withdrawal.

  33. Yeah wishing you wellness too. The hangover is insane and I am regretting it all over.

  34. I’m right here with you on day 1, have also managed to have some time sober previously (40 days before Christmas, 2 x dry januarys), broke dry January early last night (and 27 days of sobriety) and said really nasty mean things to an acquaintance in the street for apparently very little to no reason. Spent the day crying and feeling broken and not being able to get out of bed. Think I’m going to hit up AA again this week. I’ve been reading about alcohol psychosis online which is scary and seems to be something I might have as I’ve had a few occasions now where alcohol literally makes me delusional.. awful. Anyway, you’ve got this OP, please keep posting and updated on your progress <3

  35. Wishing you the very best in your Day one. We can do this, suffer a bit for the first few days then be proud of living a much richer life.

  36. I will join you on this day 1 path today. Been on and off relapses since 2021 and am tired of the few weeks on and few weeks off cycle. Today I will not indulge at all. This is insanity, trying the same things over and over again and trying to find peace in it.

  37. Do you have any recommendations for this? I’ve read some of the communication books (how to talk to anyone, etc.) and I’m also trying to start up convos here and there, but any things that have worked for you?

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