Benny donating blood to save other doggy lives!

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  1. Caelynn and Dean, Tayshia, Becca and Thomas, Rachel L and Pilot Rachel, Katie, Michelle, Alex

  2. It’s a collection of weird things I would drunkenly journal in my 20s

  3. Jaime Loftus has at least 3 podcasts; they’re more series than ongoing things though.

  4. I went no bread (gluten free, sadly). It’s really good with some honey on it too!

  5. My condolences. I’m vegan, if I develop gluten issues it’s going to make my life a lot sadder. Love me some bread.

  6. I had to go dairy free the same day as gf haha. Eat all the bread!!!

  7. Aw I have a Benny too!!! Hope you feel better Benny!

  8. She looks just like my pupperoni, who would want to be besties with Zelda!

  9. Wired! would be a great named for an internet cafe.

  10. Nah, no worries my friend. My dumb ass has been so brainwashed by TV that was first thought was to whisper internally to myself… it’s The Last of Us

  11. She also looked rly old in this story lol. Like…why does she look 50 years old?!?! Also yeah what was that rant about? So pointless. We all know she’s just trying to get bugaboo to gift her a travel stroller.

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