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  1. im not that big a fan of remakes the original seems to be the best one with very few exceptions

  2. this might not be the way to take one for the team butt like they say if you got it flaunt it

  3. the cleaning helps it be more attractive to be recycled it is more work for the company that wants the material to get it clean so it runs downhill if the material isnt at the desired conditions to make it profitable more often than not it is just sorted out and sent to a landfill the cleaner you keep it while it is stored the less you have to smell or have bugs that come to investigate try using earth911.com to see what can be taken in a certain zip code #2 & #4 film can be taken to most stores the rest should try to be avoided

  4. Grew up here in a poor school district, we went to grocery stores and toured their warehouse. Poor Isaac School district.

  5. we had a pizza hut tour just up the street from the school and got a half pizza to take back to class

  6. the only reason they even bother to put up the speed signs is so they know how fast to write the ticket for nobody cares in the slightest about them i play my odds when driving even if i get a 30 over it will be awhile before my next one i think it averages out to about once every three years even before the shortages happened

  7. i would start with a water filter to reduce the need for the use of more plastic

  8. when i was a kid the tap water was fine and the hose water had a different taste now i started using the water machines for .25 a gal if you are around 19th & osborn they have .15 a gal

  9. if i promise not to use my call button would you sit on my face as a reward?

  10. my suggestion before they change their policy is to get an assistance that has a cramped under your desk office doing all of your demands in hopes of a promotion

  11. let the junkyard have it but save the air in the tires it is hard to come by and expensive if you have to re-buy it later

  12. maybe they did that on purpose they were 18 once and know just what happens when parent are not around

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