1. I don't know exactly but it should still be open next week, at least the early part of it anyway. I'm canceled so can't shop until it opens up to previous subscribers which should happen on Monday. The really good stuff is usually sold out by then but I know it stays open for at least a few days after that. Hopefully someone else on here can give you a better answer.

  2. You didn't miss much. The good deals would sell out by the time you got to the last step of check out, and they've really upped their prices, ie. WISHFUL Honey Balm is now $15 (was $10 last month). Everything has gone up, some 100%.

  3. I thought there was something different. That sucks but it's still lower than Ipsy prices so I caved and placed 3 orders so far.

  4. Wha...?!! I've been waiting rather impatiently for this day specifically for this palette. Then a few days ago there was talk on another post that it was sold out. Imagine my disappointment! Now it's back in stock? Brb

  5. The Monday after it starts, (so a full week after it starts) at noon, has been the norm the past couple months

  6. Thanks for the info! I've been checking twice a day, every day. I can stop now lol.

  7. Noon eastern, should have said that part. Me too I look anyway! It's always so fun to shop.

  8. Ain't it tho? I've already done the shopping.. gone thru and ❀️-ed my wanted items. Fingers crossed they'll still be available. Alarm set for 9am Monday morning! 😁😎

  9. Got it!!! My very first FGF order and pretty excited about it. Thanks for posting! Picked up a Vitabrid facial boosting water too for 8.95. Can anyone tell me how long shipping usually takes?

  10. I don’t mind that. His ego needs a check imo. Not assassination obvs, that’s awful. Just let him get tripped up or slip on a banana skin and then his trousers fall down

  11. IPSY GB Plus July. Not sure if this applies here since, technically, it isn't Ipsy's fault. I'm just disappointed my box will include Juice Beauty - Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Retinol Overnight Serum. I already have 2 of these, bought from ipsy shop and boxy sale. I have no intention of continuing use and my back up will be donated.

  12. Also, I'm still trying to figure out how reddit works. What's the benefit of having more karma?

  13. Not super sure, but negative karma can have consequences like not being allowed to post/comment in certain groups.

  14. I don't see anybody talking about the rare beauty highlighter that suddenly appeared on the add-on section. I thought it was such a good deal with the blush!

  15. Ooooh... it took everything I had to not add that Chella liner but I have so many liquid liners to get through. 😩

  16. They appeared in the add-ons 2 months ago for me so it will always pop up! I will let you know if the shimmer is anything special 😊

  17. This post weakened my resolve and I went back to get it but already sold out. πŸ˜‚

  18. That's great! At least it's got Niacinamide which will hopefully help with the multitude of dark spots all over my face. 🀣😭

  19. Have they had r&f before? I really hope they never send out MLM stuff

  20. Pink Seoul. I see it has the most upvotes in this thread so far. Someone put up a recent post with pics about their box and, based on the positive comments, I subscribed. It came a few days ago and I'm so impressed. Everything in it matched my skin concerns profile and is full size with additional sheet masks included. Idk but it feels like they picked out my items with care.

  21. The third box of "Summerween," the theme for July's Pandora's Box is Child's Play. It's available on the Cerynda's Enchantments website and is $25/mo + shipping. To receive the July box, you need to order by June 15.

  22. Oooh... That shadow shield. Interesting. I'm a total mess with makeup and need me one of those. Looks like a great box! Enjoy!!

  23. I have this paddle brush and the round blow dry brush. Best damn brushes I've ever used! I'm thinking of getting backups and more for gifting.

  24. My glam bag was stolen from my apartment building late Saturday night so I don't have anything at all :'(. First time it's even come so early in the month lol.

  25. That sucks! Does Ipsy send a replacement when this happens? I know it isn't their fault but I'm wondering if they will.

  26. Really liking the polish color. Wish it was coming in my bag. The lip balm and liner is but not excited about those. I ordered 2 of the Able Skincare serums from 2nd chance since it won't be in my bag and I'll pretty much try anything with Retinol. Anyway your bag looks way better than mine. πŸ˜•

  27. I just subscribed after seeing your photo and reading positive comments here. So funny... I'm Korean but just recently began learning about k-beauty. Fingers crossed I'll receive this exact box. Thanks for posting! 😊

  28. So maybe tomorrow?!!! I'm in Cali. What time do I need to set my alarm for? πŸ˜‚

  29. What is flat bread but a thin focaccia? What is a cracker but a baked noodle? What is a cupcake but a Greek salad with completely different ingredients?

  30. Same! Biom boric acid + probiotics + prebiotics suppositories. After everything I'd been through I didn't want to get my hopes up too much but it worked and worked fast. I also took Naturewise probiotics for women.

  31. Well now I feel bad. I must have posted when there was only one left. Lame

  32. Not lame at all!!! Yes, it's sold out but I signed up for notification on the next box. I didn't know about this but, thanks to you, now I do. AND I read through the list of items, things I hadn't heard of, Interesting finds I'll keep in mind. Thanks so much for posting! 😁

  33. That hole isn't from a missing bristle, it's a vent. If you look at it in ipsy's image or on the CC website, you will notice it there. Hope this helps.

  34. I had the same reaction. When I first saw the hole I was like "what the heck"? πŸ•³οΈβ˜ΉοΈ But the way it was right in the center got me wondering if it was a vent.

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