1. I'd love to see F1 racing in that timeline

  2. That would be great and more heated something like racing between world wara,source of rivalry and national pride and constructors would represent their nations or aliances

  3. There is a balkan frog remix i want to listen it after geting reminded of this frog

  4. Kao što neki momci već rekoše bez brade izgledam jako mlado pa mašinicom obrijem na neku manju dužinu. Hvala Bogu imam super genetiku pa izgledam mladje,sa 29 bez brade izgledam kao da mi je 21. Tako da više nikada sa žiletom,a ssa mašinicom nema posekotina i manje je crvenila po licu.

  5. OP i want to thank you for this,before reading i never thought about playing Sverdlovsk,now im having lots of fun playing and i feel good about them,they feel like good guys,before i was tinking Sverdlovsk is just some junta warlords but trought playing and reading well written events i can say Sverdlovsk care about people and are fun would recomend

  6. Pretty sure Mongol Empire gets crazy cavalry buffs but I could be wrong

  7. As a school sport very popular. Every greek has played volleyball once in their lives because it is taught in greek physical education school system. But as a national team sport it is non existant

  8. Same in Serbia we also had voleyball in school so every kid played it at least once

  9. Thats good one with either Sternberg as regent of Russia or you bring back Romanov on throne

  10. National France under socialdemocratic Napoleon VI as you liberate France and later reeanact path of his ancestor wile bringing wholsomnes to europe

  11. Руски је сличан само искривљен. Зато што су то словенски језици.

  12. For me personaly Yugoslavia,make rebelions in Balkan nations then unite whole Balkans

  13. This is good,in last years when there is disaster of any kind balkaners tend to send help to eachother,that is nice maybe we can live together after all

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