1. U asked and their answers are right. If u don’t want purging then google is ur friend. Dark spots / melasma Is not a quick fix. It usually takes more than what you’re going to find over the counter. I’ve had products fade dark spots and even skintone for sure but once I stopped using them- they came back quicker than it took to lighten them. Start at a low dose of ret and go from there. You do NOT have the walk around w your face looking crazy during the adjustment period. Just get advice from google and YouTube vids from dermatologists on it.You can get it prescribed online now.

  2. I'm afraid of anything that contains retinol or retinoids, because of the purging :(

  3. For the price point these are awesome. I would much rather have a carefully curated box of deluxe samples then a bunch of unknown full size products. It’s why Macys has always been one of my favorite beauty boxes. If I want to get the full size item, they give me a five or ten dollar off coupon to use towards the beauty category in general which I faithfully use every month :).

  4. Not impressed at all. I am a lover of all things beauty except nail bs. No thanks. I keep mine pinky nude and good with that. So the fact they threw in 3 products of it- I’m bummed lol. Everything else is either not my color or exciting:/

  5. Junk. All of it. Boxycharm too. Really disappointed. Thought these sales were gonna be good. A lot of the items are over priced and there isn’t one thing that catches my eye

  6. Baron Trump was born in Africa. He made his fortune by firing his teachers and suing them for services rendered. And wait till you hear what he does at the end...

  7. Loooook looook. My mom doesn’t have face wrinkles. She’s 61 and has faint lines. And so far at 33, i seem to have picked up her genes (except the 11’s between my brows- a b**** like me can get too serious at times, and it’s starting to show- that and/or my dad has always had em) Well it’s fkt up but I remember growing up and even as a toddler lookin at my moms hands from the backseat as she was driving and thinking “man, mommas hands are very scruchy with a lot of lines” my mom has always had more wrinkled knuckles with the thicker/drier look to her hand skin. Well about 29 I saw MY hand as I’m driving and thought “this is so fkt uppppp! I get it I get it.. what goes around blalblaaaa” so I’m on the same boat To answer your question! From my knowledge.. im very skincare savvy but do not let myself freak out over my hands! But I mean say I start making a ton of money …. I would look into some sort of permanent solution. But that would be the last prob consult a derm/plastic surgeon about. But right now I don’t make money to throw my money on. So this is what I do (during the Minneapolis cold harsh winters) At least 1x/week : I take cane sugar/ or brown.. mix 1/2 cup with 1TBL of coconut oil. (If Im feelin up 2 it I’ll add a bit of olive oil or a bit of raw shea butter) I take my DRY hands + 1/2 the mixture and scrub my hands together for a good 30 seconds (if it feels a bit too abrasive - good, that’s what you’re going for.. then after a minute or so- I put my hands with the mixture still on and run them under the sink just a bit- and start rubbing my hands again. Then after 1-2 min.. take the rest of the mixture.. and a good amount of water and scrub together until you start feeling the sugar granules turn liquid. Rinse hands and dry. You should feel a light coat of the oils still on ur hands. Take a hylaronic acid and a deep moisturizing hand, or face cream(thicker the better) Have it been uncomfortably a little too much on your hands.. let absorb for 10 min.. then add petroleum or similar to your hands and hit the hay!!! I take a paper towel and wipe off the tip/pad of my thumb and pointer finger so I can play on my phone still. It will feel greasy and a little heavy.. but the next morning they will be SO SO SOFT and dry spots where?! My hands will look and feel much nice for a week after!

  8. Lmao! Not funny but funny. Cause I was just wondering if I should choose that option next. Thank you for the heads up. Those bastaddds

  9. Idk who would hate it if they don’t already have the products! Bomb

  10. Wow I would have totally paid for this if I would have knew I’d get the products you got! Great reviews as usual!

  11. Good looking out! Was wondering if Allure had spoilers out! Ehhhh. Disappointing. Even the milk makeup looks too dark for my med skin. Nothing can compare to Octs box!

  12. Well wth. Second month I get jipped on my choice lol. But I can tell they tried making up for it, with the random curling iron lol. Excited to have the Ofra eyeshadow palette too! Definitely great colors for my eyes! (my blue/green eyed sistas feel me on that) - funny I was hoping for the Ciate lip liner, ND cheek duo, AND the marajuku or whatever lipgloss from Tarte! Lol even though it logically wasn’t likely.. I still chose to believe it was possible! It’s ALSO thee Second month in a row I ALSO put it out there what I wanted, even though again it wasn’t likely due to the base choice box variations, and yet still receiving it! You guys should try it!!! ❤️❤️❤️🫶🏼 overall.. I am happy! Kinda sad about the Ofra bronzer, since I’ve heard soooo many of you say how kick ass it is. Ill b ok 😊

  13. So I had the same issue. I found out my fiancé disabled me going to the actual website boxycharm. He did it through his lap top. Lmao. Try going through it through your email to see if you can access it that way!

  14. So go to one of your boxy emails .. go to the bottom and click one of the options I.e. privacy , terms. Etc

  15. Oooooo not bad!!! I like! Ichose the ofra so I’m sitting here just waiting for my crappy box lol

  16. Donttttt fall for stuff like that. These face tools are proven to not work. You’re better off spending 20$ on gua sha to stimulate lymph node flow

  17. I wasn’t thrilled at first because I probably won’t use the 8 pk of BeautyBio eye gels and I would’ve rather had the Pretty Pop moisturizer variation. The OFRA palette makes up for it because Its STUNNING!🤩it looks darker in the pan than it applies on the skin, it builds perfectly from barely there to as deep as the pan,its a nice neutral shade, and it’s the perfect size to throw in my bag when I travel.

  18. We always pick the same! Im hoping for the Ciate lip liner. And yes pretty pop!

  19. Okay this makes me feel better. I felt like a child. Because on a FB Influenster/bzzagent/beauty boxes page.. this girl was selling this skincare cream (grrr it’s making me so frustrated I can’t think of the brands name. It’s a higher end brand. A LOT OF PEOPLE got it.) anyways I recognized it, and she was selling it for 10$ below retail and of course “unopened” I got so annoyed .. but instead of running to Influenster and giving her FB url.. I just wrote “you’re really reselling your gifts from Influenster you got for free?” She blocked me lol. I can agree if you keep getting them. And I do know times are hard.. but that doesn’t mean you should be greedy. And this is coming from someone who is so open minded and go with the flow.

  20. AGREE! My feathers don’t get ruffled by much either but that would irritate me.

  21. They must see you’re a marijuana grower in your Amazon history. Lol kidding but I was on Amazon browsing for front door smart locks/key pads.. sure enough I got a survey for it the next day.

  22. New option: no cluezee! I just respond to email.

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