1. I was in the same shoes as you. I stopped as a 12 year old as a 5th kyu. I started Karate back again 18 years later. I wore a white belt untilnI had my first examination, where I was graded as a 4th Kyu. Then I just didn't stop. Don't overthink your belt, what really counts is the work you put in after restarting. Most of the basics are still slumbering in you and it will be easier for you awaken those, than for a complete beginner to learn these basics.

  2. You're in the Karate subreddit and this school doesn't teach Karate. My only tip is to have fun.

  3. So this is how the babies of the flying spaghetti monster look. One more mystery that has finally been solved

  4. How to Basic reviewing this post - 0/10 not enough egg

  5. Not sure why, but I've seen both yodan/yondan get used depending on the dojo and sensei.

  6. “Yo” is another reading for the kanji for 四. You wouldn't read it on its own as "yo," but it's often read as "yo" in counter and compound words. For example, 四人 (four people) is “yo nin,” 四日 (fourth day) is “yokka,” and 四時 (4:00) is “yo ji.” The phrase 四段活用 has the same kanji as the kata but is read as “yodan katsuyou.”

  7. Thank you very much for your explanation! I've looked it up and it seems you're completely right.

  8. This is not Karate, this is a clown fiesta. Where is the humility?

  9. So are you of the opinion that Sport Karate organizations should mandate Karate values and code of conduct strictly like they do in Sumo?

  10. Yes, that would be great. Even in point fighting it's important to not forget where our roots lie. Not maintaining Zanshin after his hit and running around is not what Karate teaches us, at least in my school.

  11. Are you trying to farm Karma by posting all those single images asking for your form? Your video post was fine, but this post is useless.

  12. No lol just wanting tips but I understand your point...sorry last one

  13. How are we supposed to give you feedback on a still image? This makes no sense at all.

  14. Well done, I like it. I would switch the rhythm a bit in some parts myself, but that is mostly personal preferrence. Stances and execution look great, good job!

  15. I'm learning Combat Arnis as a secondary Martial Art. It complements my Karate and my Karate complements my Arnis.

  16. I just love Hangetsu. I train Shotokan and it's just such nice change of pace from other Shotokan Kata.

  17. I'm asking myself why you haven't already asked your sensei for his help. Do you not trust him or are you afraid of him disliking your choice?

  18. So, what is the purpose of this post? Do you just want to brag that you're training to be an instructor? What does this post add to this subreddit? All the comments are you and your friend trashtalking each other, why do that here on reddit? Doing that makes you look very immature, I wouldn't want my instructor bantering on the internet.

  19. I always struggle with breathing when I'm doing my Kata as I'm always too focused on getting it right and just blow up because I'm not breathing correctly

  20. You're not alone with this problem. What I'm doing against this is that I'm going to the dojo alone to just train my breathing. I'm slowing my Kata down so much, that I can solely focus on breathing. I'm trying to listen to my body while doing so. I'm slowly increasing my speed while training like this and it helps me breathe better. I can also recommend Hangetsu and Tensho as Kata to train, since their focus on breathing can help you develop proper breathing technique.

  21. All of Okinawan karate is probably closest to "Pre-Funakoshi karate" as it can get.

  22. Thank you for bringing up Makoto Gima. I'm a Shodan in Gima-Ha Shotokan-Ryu and we are learning about all the throws and locks and blows that can be found in the Shotokan-Kata, not just kicks and punches. Ikuo Higuchi is the current head of that line of Shotokan Karate.

  23. Ich habe meine Frau vor 10 Jahren als Omni geheiratet, natürlich küsse ich sie auch nach dem sie (sehr selten) Fleisch gegessen hat. Ich hole ihr ja dabei nicht die Essensreste aus dem Rachen.

  24. Hi there — sorry for the errors you've been seeing, Day 36 has an error where you're pushed forward to task 10, rather than starting at the start of the Day.

  25. Oh no, not another bake out... Welp, I hate this event so I guess I'll not play for the next 14 days. I want to earn coins and not stupid stars.

  26. We do intend to release Day 36 as soon as it's fixed, so keep an eye out for our posts over the next few days

  27. Well, I'll still be stuck in the Bake Out for 14 days, unless you give us a way to leave the event. What is with the coins I already spent on the 2 stages of Day 36? The last one was 180 coins, will those be refunded?

  28. This game is a proper mess. It could be so good, but getting thrown into back off after back off is just so boring. The new event is great, but the rest is just boring.

  29. Unterstellst du gerade uns Veganern, dass wir zu wenig für den Tierschutz machen? Was bist du denn bitte für ein Clown? Was könnte besser sein für die Tiere als totaler Verzicht auf tierische Produkte? Wie sollen wir denn finanziell noch eindrucksvoller protestieren als durch den kompletten Boykott von Tierprodukten? Natürlich sind wir gegen jede Form von Tierhaltung, es gibt hier keine Kompromisse!

  30. I've restarted Karate super unfit and with too much weight. Since good Karate trains your whole body (and your mind) you'll be fine if you just train regularly. Your fitness won't be your biggest challenge when you start but rather your body not understanding yet what is going on. Have fun and good luck on your Karate journey.

  31. This is the only tip you'll need: Train as often as you can and do what your sensei tells you to. You don't need tips, you just need to train and you'll be fine.

  32. You don't use energy when clicking on it though. Making space around it just autodrops them, clicking on it drops it manually.

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