1. Well. According to him he has. No one really knows.

  2. The function I did like about the loyalty program at Kroger. it will notify you if you purchase something that has a recall on it. Also it can potentially stop customers making fraudulent returns.

  3. Right but at least with Kroger. You get discounts on gas with the loyalty card

  4. Maybe not southwest Ohio. But Intel is building one hell of a facility just east of Columbus.

  5. Don’t do it. You’ll be standing in the parking lot.

  6. Pretty sure old Joe isn’t giving it to her anymore

  7. Do you people just make shit up? Or do you really believe dumb shit like this?

  8. They were Blackhawks. Probably from the Army Reserve unit that flies Blackhawks based at Rickenbacker. I live in Groveport, so I'm used to seeing the Blackhawks and KC-135s from the Air National Guard unit, but I happened to be in Bexley today when they flew over and that surprised me.

  9. Don’t buy the Bougie shit. That simple. Go to dollar tree. All that matters is that you don’t stink, right?

  10. Believe it or not. The Carfagna’s‘ restaurant at Polaris has surprisingly good grilled wings.

  11. JT Pizza and Pub near Worthington has some of the best wings I’ve found in Columbus. Get the Greg’s Sauce! They deliver as well.

  12. I remember when the gas cap was behind the rear license plate.

  13. This question has been asked so often. You could’ve just done a simple search..

  14. This is an unbalanced list. I've checked exactly three of these in my 14 months here, but I have no idea what the wooooooooooo thing is, never heard of the field of concrete corn, never ridden a Cota bus, only visited one metro park, never seen big russ, and incredibly - I've not hit a pothole.

  15. Stop with your fucking bullshit. That’s part of the problem right there.

  16. So is retired military considered prior government experience?

  17. Star Trek. Both the TV show and the motion pictures.

  18. Someone doesn’t understand the difference between Bankruptcy and Debt Forgiveness.

  19. I have Delta and my dentist has never asked me to pay up front. I don’t think this is ‘industry norm’.

  20. Trying to watch Cinemax fuzzy black and white screen for soft porn.

  21. You could rig the selector lever on your cable box with a toothpick to get a clearer picture

  22. If eggs are never refrigerated prior to consumer purchase, they never need to be refrigerated. Just FYI.

  23. I thought it was if they are unwashed they don’t need to be refrigerated?

  24. And all this time we were told there was a chip shortage

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