1. Watch reddit not give Herb Dean any credit for not calling that an eye poke. Whereas if it was Herzog there’d already be 10 posts about how amazing he is

  2. Where the fuck is the video I FEEL BAITED

  3. It's street soldier, I saw this video on their Facebook page a few days back

  4. off the top of my head anywhere around $5000 (canadian I’m assuming?) sounds way too expensive. they can explode for a number of reasons but i think the most obvious would be that it ran out of diff fluid and overheated

  5. I also don't think we should be promoting the idea that women should be required to die for their children.

  6. For that price, you can buy the filter, fluid, and jack stands or ramps to use them over and over again.

  7. exactly what i was going to say. just buy some decent jack stands and/or ramps and they’ll last you a very long time

  8. Their argunent is literally that babies should be aborted if someone “can’t support them” lol

  9. I have a cvpi as my second car and I would say it’s a good first car. maintenance is easy and generally affordable. The car is a tank. Gas mileage in the city isn’t great depending on how you drive. Ive done all the maintenence and repairs myself with very few issues

  10. Except they also showed Rowe's mom and talked about how she'd fighting cancer and going through a bunch of chemo treatments.

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