1. I have really dry skin so I know what you mean. I have found raw honey to be an excellent humectant. My skin is never so soft, dewy, and plump as when I do a honey mask for a few hours. The hard part is keeping it from dripping on everything.

  2. I’m assuming the ingredient you’re worried about is an oil. The main point of the second cleanse is to remove the oil so it can’t stick around and clog pores or make you look greasy. The oil can’t do anything to your pores if it’s no longer in your pores because it was washed down the drain.

  3. The ingredient is isopropyl palmitate, which I dont believe is an oil

  4. I would probably prefer living alone but that would mean I would have to clean up after myself and look after myself which sounds dreadful. I prefer to be taken care of by my parents. I'm 25 so its too late to move out anyways.

  5. Maybe perioral dermatitis. Doublebase Flare Relief worked for me :)

  6. No. You shouldn't mix anything with your SPF, especially actives. SPF isn't formulated to be mixed and it might ruin the filters. It can also make the Vitamin-C less effective, because of how unstable it is. It's not worth the risk just to save a few seconds.

  7. How about with my serum or moisturiser before the SPF? Its more to do with the fact that I like the ingredients of my Vitamin C serum but not the texture

  8. I really wouldn’t bother. Typos RIGHT on the bottle, and topical collagen does nothing (molecules are too large to be absorbed).

  9. I had something similar to this not long ago from using a cleanser that was too strong. Maybe its something like that?

  10. Ehh not interested ever since Cerave got bought by L’Oréal it hasn’t been the same.

  11. Didnt CeraVe used to be a pretty simple line? I feel like they've exploded since they've got popular and its kind of off-putting. One of the things I liked about them is their simplicity, now they have dozens and dozens of different products like so many other skincare brands and it gets a bit confusing.

  12. Once or twice a week. Never more than that. And I only tan for 15 minutes a time

  13. I can do it, and enjoy it, if i've had a drink... or two... or three... or four... or five.

  14. Mostly zero. For the most part people are a source of b*llshit, drama, stress, pettyness, ridiculous social demands and frustration. It takes a lot of patience and energy to be around them and almost 100% of the time its not worth it.

  15. Palmers solid formula! I also love a greasy moisturiser and this hydrates beautifully... Plus it smells like chocolate!

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