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  1. Ooo yeah repost this for the 900th time in 3 subs because you saw the Steve Irwin post and all the cringey wHoLeSoMe TriFeCtA comments and wanted to cash in on that sweet karma.

  2. Bob Ross and Mr Rodgers. Loved those guys growing up on PBS. Amazing human beings.

  3. Just like Ohio selling 2.5s as 8ths and it’s shit. But also If it’s “smalls” in Mi they sell it 4gs

  4. They don’t sell them as 1/8s. It’s 1/10, 1/5, etc.

  5. It’s dumb. I’m not sure of the reasoning. Someone that worked at the dispensary said it was so it wasn’t marketed w the “street measurements” or some dumb shit. Not sure how true that is.

  6. My ex wife took the other cast iron pan cause she just bought it/newer, and left me with the old one. Little did we know she left me with the better of the two. Lol. Sshhhh.

  7. It was made between 1935 and 1959, and they average about $70 including shipping in online auctions.

  8. I asked that about my toe after I had bad bout w the gout.

  9. Expiry dates are useful indicators of date of manufacture moreso than whether it's "good". There's lots of things that can look good and make you unwell.

  10. I don't know man chicken always smells off to me, I'm always paranoid about that

  11. Raw chicken doesn’t smell great. But if it’s gone south, you’ll know.

  12. Last time this was posted it was proven the sound was faked.

  13. Most people here are talking about the old method. You inject code into the game which makes it snap to objects in the game, specifically player objects. This is detectable since you are installing software and the movement of the mouse is impossible by a human.

  14. This is why I got out of online play years ago. Just took all the fun out of it.

  15. Sounds like a great idea /s. I think I’ll leave this sub for a few. It’s gone off the rails.

  16. I read Reddit while I cruise on the freeway. Thanks for the heads up.

  17. It’s a whacky waiving inflatable arm flailing tube man.

  18. Now this is the type of drunkin shit I’m lookin fer.

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