1. I feel you, I took the water resources test a while back and came out of that feeling terrible—I found out I failed…but guess what?!? I keep studying and doing practice problems and took the test again—I crush it and passed.

  2. Darn I was hoping…if you find one dm me

  3. They do but it’s easiest to find a group through one of the discords

  4. Nice, does anyone have the status monitor? How does it work over aid64?

  5. What happen to your stash? Does it merge? I have a full stash on non-ladder and a full stash on my ladder characters.

  6. The last sur rune I needed for COH almost broke me. I kinda want an infinity as well but I just can't anymore.

  7. Recruit npc, BG is all about the story imo—the combat is second.

  8. Dude that is rough..My heart goes out to you. My best advice would be to follow your heart.

  9. Ok I give..how the hell did you get 10k

  10. 10k is absolutely nothing. I can get that and more per turn as Joao.

  11. Dam, I almost got my butt kicked on settle…I guess I need to watch some more YouTube videos..

  12. Where can I find melody? Is it on steam?

  13. Yea, I just broke down and started it myself it's pretty good

  14. It is pretty awesome, way better than I thought it would be….

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