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  1. cetaphil cleanser+cerave moisturizer every morning and neutrogena stubborn acne every other day then at night sa cerave cleanser +same moisturizer then the ordinary niacinamide every other night

  2. Try switching the CeraVe out for another brand, like cetaphil. This sounds like a classic fatty alcohol reaction to CeraVe.

  3. As a former red head (15 years) I always tell people to not get too attached to a tone of red as it changes almost immediately from the time it’s applied to your next application. Not just fade, necessarily. Red is simultaneously a difficult color to keep and one that does not go away easily so it tends to morph really unpredictably even when you have a base of several months or years of application. In my experience, the best professional color system for red was Wella’s line and even that would drift from a cool toned red to coppery orange on me as the blue pigment molecules washed out quickly over time. I required monthly (every 4 weeks) upkeep to keep the color harmonious with my naturally cool undertones. I say all this because with these apps, people tend to get really attached to a particular shade of red that’s usually difficult to achieve on the upfront and even more difficult to maintain without regular coloring. Oh, and if you ever want to get rid of red, you have to lift, usually multiple times which is incredibly damaging. There is no coloring over it as it poisons even the darkest fully permanent black pigment with copper that peeks through as soon as the first wash. I literally just went through scrubbing my red out to go back to my natural ash brown and it took four separate lifts over 2 visits to the salon and a chop of roughly 6 inches of my length. I love where I landed after all is said and done but man, it was a journey.

  4. Wow y’all. Was not expecting this to blow up the way it did. Thanks for helping me put words to what the issue is. I’m for sure running this to the tailor to pull the shoulder pads from the sleeves and reduce the poof.

  5. The puff sleeves are too yin for you. I think you feel off because you are more likely a flamboyant gamine. You look long and lean with drama, not compact and softer like a soft gamine would. In my opinion, of course. That said, I don’t hate it. Pointy-toed flats would be better with it as an outfit. The dress is very structured, so a structured shoe would help the whole whole look. And bigger, softer hair.

  6. It’s so funny because this dress in particular gives me this weird vertical that I do not actually have. I’m 5’0” and have a short torso with a tiny bit of double curve in the bust that’s totally obscured by the sleeves here.

  7. So, I own a dermatology practice solely operating in telehealth. But I have a referring physician in town which is my personal dermatologist. I get chemical peels and extractions done with her every 3 to 6 months with generic 70% glycolic acid for 2 to 3 minutes. It is the most unluxurious experience but it’s incredibly effective. I’m 36 and have not had any work done — no Botox or fillers — with the exception of having a few cherry angiomas and skin tags burned off and one facial mole removed and biopsied.

  8. Leather is soooo unforgiving with almost no give. Kate's dress isn't tailored well enough to her body. It literally needs to be sewn to her exact measurements which it's not. That's why those horizontal lines are bunching and so prominent. It's not fit to her torso/hip length or width properly. As an R, this could work for her in an edgy R way considering the bust line and the curve accommodation are fire, but it just doesn't fit well. Also, her styling isn't great for the overall look. The hair and makeup is a bit too plain.

  9. OMG... dark winter here. Going to a UT football game tomorrow. Was told to wear burnt orange or don't bother coming at all. I don't even want to spend money on an orange T-shirt.

  10. That is what I’ve been doing but they just keep reappearing :/

  11. I did a previous post in which I explain that my skin is extremely and my skin barrier is broken so I only do a hydrating micellar water in the morning and then in the evening I do a Avene Clearance Cleanser followed my a moisture cream. I also wear hydrocolloid bandages on my face during the night and trough out the day.

  12. Alrighty. Took a look at your other post. Looks like you’re gearing up for accutane. A lot of the info in the comments from that post stand — prioritizing moisturizing is going to help counteract your barrier issues. But there’s a couple things you can do to shore up your routine.

  13. Came here to say this too. He really nailed the Fucker Carlson inflection that can only really be perfected through rigorous rim jobs.

  14. I would love to see Terry Crews — who is somewhat known for taking his shirt off and playing the flute — have a go at it next. I’d be curious to know if master pattern identifiers on the right can also provide critical feedback while simultaneously obstructing their actual problem.

  15. Eternity rings are a b*tch to nail in terms of sizing because you have to balance the stone widths against the setting widths to land on the perfect size. Then if you’re dealing with elongated stones like emerald cut, baguettes, ovals, etc, they have to be sized slightly up since they naturally sit tighter on the finger. And any eternity band cannot be easily resized. Usually the entire ring needs to be recast since the ring is the setting vs having a band portion that can be cut and sized. Because of this and because of inevitable stone/prong damage that happens on whatever side ends up under the finger, I have a hard and fast no eternity band rule in my collection.

  16. Isotretinoin does affect the nails. It’s funny because nails in medical textbooks are referred to as appendages of the dermis. I was just looking at this this week. Accutane affects both the growth rate of the nail and the thickness of your nail plate. It makes your nails grow faster (much like your skin turns over faster) while simultaneously thinning the nail plate. As a result, you can get this “bunching”. So your derm is right, it’s normal and is probably related to your accutane, they just didn’t explain why or what exactly is going on.

  17. It depends on your skin and how it reacts. Eucerin is pretty inert but does contain a few ingredients that can be acne triggers on the face. Normally I would recommend doing a small patch by running a small amount along your chin for a few days to see if there’s any reactivity but you might want to consider something that’s formulated for face use like cetaphil or vanicream’s daily moisturizer. You can grab travel size bottles to test before committing to full size bottles.

  18. Welcome to wavy waterboarding. It gets better with practice but something that helped me — and the ease of this is totally subjective — is I turn off the shower and run water from the tub faucet and rinse/squish under that. Something about the concentrated stream vs shower water makes it more manageable but it does require me getting on my hands and knees in the tub. It’s the last thing I do before getting out and plopping. I don’t think I even really lift my head up until my hair is plopped.

  19. Ditch the makeup. You don’t want to mess with whatever bacteria or mold that might have cropped up from the leak and your face is a super easy entry point for pathogens through your nose, mouth, eyes and skin.

  20. Doxycycline and minocycline are more commonly prescribed than amoxicillin because they tend to target acne more directly than amoxi which is kind of a systemic generalist as far as antibiotics go. There are various reasons why amoxi would be preferred, such as the fact that it’s typically tolerated better than doxy, it can be taken while pregnant, it causes less photosensitivity, and it can be used with topical tretinoin. If tret was also being prescribed with your course it would make more sense to me.

  21. I take other medications so maybe it was an issue with interactions.

  22. That’s the most likely issue here since antibiotics can have weird interactions with other medications. You can also directly ask you prescribing dermatologist why since, if that’s the case, it’s actually useful information to have. Again, amoxi may end up being effective in your case, you’d have to see. It’s just more of a generalist.

  23. Acne “do be that way” sometimes. I’ve had some form of a comprehensive skin care routine for the last seven years. For months, my skin will be happy and fine and then one day it’ll be like “f*ck you” and break out all along my hairline, jaw, and cheeks. I have to spend weeks batting that back down and then deal with the pigmentation, scarring, and texture issues.

  24. I use eltaMD and also agree it’s totally worth it. Do you have any skin barrier repair recs too?? Thanks!!

  25. Hey I have to thank you a lot...I tried using the sandwich method while using tretinoin today and I didn't get any headaches and I didn't feel nauseous too...thank you so much...it really helped a lot..

  26. Thankyou..will it help if I slowly try building up the routine..like starting with thrice a week and then using it on a regular basis..can I do that?

  27. Yes that’s a great way to start tret in general as you retinize your skin. A quick note on differin if you do want to go that route, if you try the OTC concentration and it works well for you, there is a prescription concentration (0.03%) that your doctor can issue a script for. There are numerous retinoids you can try that are not tretinoin but provide the same benefit: adapalene as mentioned, trifarotene, and Tazarotene are other options. They target different retinoic acid receptors in the skin than tretinoin and also metabolize into different compounds upon application to the dermis. The combination of a different molecular makeup and different receptor vectors might result in less systemic absorption for you while encouraging more active efficacy in the skin. My point is you have options whether it’s in a continuation of tret or trying a different form factor.

  28. Okay thank you! Do you mean that H&A wouldn’t good in normal circumstances?

  29. So, I don’t have an HA oval but I had a Mona one. The shape just isn’t for me (emerald girl) but it was a breathtaking stone that just looked so good anywhere it went. I did see HA ovals at a popup recently and once they were out of the jewelry store light, they looked just a tiny bit plasticky, if that makes sense.

  30. My ninja also “slices” things instead of actually blending them. The smoothie attachment is the only one that works on nuts and seeds but the cup is too small for large batches. I got a $20 Hamilton blender from Amazon. As long as the cashews are soaked long enough to be soft, zero issue in the cheap blender.

  31. I’m in the classic SN/SG battleground because I can’t exactly tell if I have enough kibbe width to range out of G fam territory, but most signs seem to be pointing towards SG. My face is pretty youthful and I tend towards needing to accommodate petite first. In N lines, what little vertical I have seems to get stunted by flowy fabric and too little or too low waist emphasis. But in tailored stuff that has either a full on break at the waist, or waist emphasis my proportions look really harmonious. So in my estimation, I think there’s a 90% chance I’m an SG and a 10% chance I’m an SN. But I’m not yet confident enough to make the call.

  32. I’m like this too. Although technically I must be pure SN due to height (5’ 5.5”), I mostly dress “like a gamine”— color blocking, bold stripes ( a no-no for SN). I look good in very few of the outfits associated with SN— pretty much all I can do that is SN is put a belt over a wrap cardigan. All their wrap dresses and loose blouses look terrible on me due to my super short and narrow torso. I have no cleavage, I have a very much boyish/gamine torso.

  33. I think you’re right on the SG height cusp and I can see in your situation needing to accommodate petite first because of a short torso. I’m also short torso’d and I find that if I don’t compensate for this with petite accommodation, my proportions look off and I get dragged downward even with a line break at the waist.

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