1. Indian foreign policy should support the free Scotland narrative.Give them their own medicine.

  2. What is going to stop the UK from starting a campaign of Tamil, Nagaland and Punjab separatism?

  3. And I don’t want to eat animals! If you want to eat your neighbors dog, be my guest, but I’m not going to join you

  4. Let’s just place all socialists in a fantasy world, where they develop such a genuine voluntary trade system and be happy. They will unknowingly embrace capitalism and we no longer need to argue need to argue,

  5. With a personally like that, I ain’t even giving her no French fries from McDonald’s even after using coupons

  6. I’m a hardcore capitalist, but the developers made a better game mechanism for the communist version

  7. If I’m the one who pays for the food, no one else is entitled unless I bought it for them or I offered. When I’m famished, I will not ask or take food from others, unless offered. It’s basic principles

  8. I live not far from Germany and there are many nude beaches. Though most visitors are elderly women

  9. India is full of these bullshit products. Obviously people believes, because people mind is fucked up by religion brainwashing and superstition , thinking they can brush away “ the dirty”. Also caste connotations. The reason the groom’s family preferable search women with light skin

  10. Misogyny is bad regardless of the identity of the person! I as a male know some misogyny women and it breaks my heart, they are sexist to their own sex

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