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  1. Bruh this is offensive jokes, when did they say something about it being offensive?

  2. You put time machine last. Fight me (possibly a joke). but if i may ask, why is it last in your opinion?

  3. im assuming not tho because most of it has nothing to do with history

  4. Kenny’s mom was still alive in the pandemic future. How come he didn’t respawn?

  5. Wondering how this meme has survived in this sub. I posted a monkeypox meme recently and got threatened with a ban for "promoting hatred toward a vulnerable demographic" or some shit like that.

  6. Hope its the ninjas this time around. Either way cant wait to see how the new kids story progresses. The ending in Fractured But Whole seemed like they might take a sort of antagonistic role.

  7. You average 10.5 usages of "cum" per post. What the hell kinda subs you on?

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