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  1. I’m so confused, why do people call sakura weak and tsunade strong when they are on par with one another? Sakura might even be a little stronger. I never really understood this lol

  2. Every time you get an item, place it on the ground! It will come in handy when you eventually want three stars/KK to come

  3. Play through scales/passages with C# slowly enough that you can consciously use the real fingering first (rather than doing the one that you know and correcting to the real one). Your tutor is being a little unreasonable if they're expecting you to unlearn a habit in a day (or even a week). Studies have shown that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit (so I've heard). If you're consistent about it, it will happen, just probably not by tomorrow and that is okay.

  4. I like that it gives me a reason to redecorate and its a nice change of scenery, but I agree its the ugliest season of ac

  5. What is the obsession with murder? The whole serial killer book/podcast industry seems largely female oriented. Ironically many females I know who love this stuff also hate fake violence in fictional movies?

  6. From what I’ve heard, one reason for the liking of true crime with specifically women is subconsciously it calms us. If there is a story of a victim who did one thing, a listener might note not to do that, that kinda thing. I’m not a huge fan of the genre, but it is pretty interesting.

  7. How much do appearances count compared to personality, when it comes to being asked out?

  8. Most people I know are most definitely personality over looks, being a good person makes you attractive

  9. This is so funny because when they introduced the idea of roommates, i had two villagers live together and called their home "And they were roommates"

  10. Benjamin, I let him go once and spent months trying to get him back. He’s on my island again and I’m never letting him leave

  11. Marina and Merengue, i have them both on my island and I’m just kind of sick on them. They have no appeal

  12. My parents redid they’re patio a few years ago. It was stone and in between the slabs there was moss growing that they didn’t want to get rid of when they replaced everything. If I’m remembering correctly they just took the moss and put it in the crevices of the new stone, making sure it had a wet environment to spread.

  13. I had to do the same for an audition a while ago, here’s some things that helped me:

  14. VR all the way. Any game in that format would be sick, but with the horror and design elements of Danganronpa it would be a dream come true

  15. I have the entire blue cute set as well as the parquet flooring if you want it!

  16. That’s amazing, what would you like in return?

  17. I dont need anything. I’ll be logging on in a few minutes, let me know when you’re available!

  18. It seems like your going for a less nature-dense style, so I totally understand why you don’t want flowers, maybe try incorporating a community garden or flowers outside of villager houses! Adding shrubs/other greenery around in nooks and crannies might bump up your rating too. Doing so also might add some realism/an overgrown look that would be really cool if you like that kinda stuff. From what I can tell, your island is stunning!

  19. YES! I think I posted this before... It's incredibly short sighted and selfish.

  20. I have a hyphenated last name, it’s honestly not a big deal. Never in my life has it been an inconvenience in any way. If I get married and it becomes an issue I’ll choose one of my names or go by my spouses, no harm done

  21. Looks good! What are those towels in the top left corner?

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