1. Actually, that money goes to Weird Portland United, which actively tries to signal boost cool collectives of people throughout the city!

  2. Yay! I've been trying to find other jugglers! What time Tuesdays(?)

  3. Picture this: you're in a sports stadium, and the marching band has taken the field. But they're not just any marching band, they've got outrageous costumes, funk singers, stilt walkers, firm-bodied flow artists, and STUNTS. 😲

  4. Do you know if Sid (guy on stilts) will be back for this?

  5. In case you missed it, there’s a fairly new place to get really old stuff in Portland!

  6. vintage bluetooth speaker sounds awesome. Do they sell them complete or do you have to have a vintage radio that they will modify?

  7. Yup! A prompt is provided, and everyone silently writes along until the end of the session where the floor is opened up!

  8. With the solstice behind us and this streak of sunny weather lately, you might think we're already in the midst of the brightest point of winter...

  9. I once owed them a late fee on Troop Beverly Hills for 2 years.

  10. The shop also includes a mix of locally-made and fair-trade crafts. “Fair-trade” meaning they support a healthy work environment for the artist and a living wage that goes beyond just “livable.”

  11. I visited there a few years ago and it was so cool!

  12. The Portland Puppet Museum is one of the last remaining sites dedicated to presenting and preserving the history of puppetry.

  13. Today is the day! I live right by their big cart that just got a covered area on 7th. I’ve been driving by it for years saying I should try that place.

  14. So, you can't call a bet (see your bet) and then raise it. That's what's called a stringbet and it's like fingernails on a chalkboard to gamblers!

  15. Sorry if there are any duplicates of yours. I did this a while back. Some places may be closed but this was a list I got from photo

  16. Just calling out what looks like self promotion disguised as an unaffiliated review.

  17. This is Rocky Butte, but there are so many great views in the city, Washington Park included!

  18. Fun fact: halo halo in Tagalog means mix mix! It’s a form of chilled dessert with ingredients that are meant to be churned together.

  19. Live conductor has contact with wet ground on Cook St between Williams and Vancouver. Fire Dept was awesome. They happened to be passing by. Within seconds they cleared everyone from the area and checked for injuries. They had to go to a box call but still managed to close off the street with caution tape.

  20. Got to appreciate our emergency responders, they must be pulled thin during all of this!

  21. Fancyyyy. What are the major differences between this map and the maps they have inside the Max trains?

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