1. lol the amount of college basketball that I have watched is not healthy, but go off I guess

  2. Maybe next time if you are in a similar situation, it’s never weird to ask first before jumping into conclusion. No one would turn down your offer in that situation.

  3. Yeah, I really regretted it after I didn't do it,but I had just read a reddit post about men making women uneasy in an elevator, and I was like I probably shouldn't offer her a ride

  4. Do you guys hire mechanicals or just civils? Down to move to Houston

  5. Games happen literally everyday at the first court in the ARC, as long as the volleyball net isn't setup, I've played pickup at 2pm on a tuesday and Sundays at 9pm

  6. Purdue fans, really saying the are winning the natty next year, ya'll ain't winning shit lmao

  7. There is no reason this should be happening. Why is Purdue unable to feed eedy under the basket?

  8. Are you not watching FDU is swarming the ball handler, as soon as the ball goes down to him, they also swarm him, they have wide open jumpshots, but can't hit them

  9. Who's calling this game, he said he was a UC Davis alum, I need to know, love my aggies

  10. I pay almost full OOS (minus like $200 a quarter from aid) and it comes to around $15500/quarter

  11. I love Davis, like the biggest davis person you will meet, but is 15k a quarter worth it?????

  12. no education is ever worth that much. a prof once said that to me. lol

  13. But a good time might be, if someone told my 18 year old self how much fun I would have at Davis, I might have paid 10k-15k good thing I'm a CA native, and didn't have to make that choice

  14. I have tickets for the 1st round in Sac, feel like I got fleeced :( not a single good matchup

  15. I don't think you can even sign up for it unless you are in the college of engineering, I didn't take it until winter of my third year, and I was good

  16. I would do oil change myself, look up a youtube video, and buy a couple of tools, for wheel alignment just go to les schwab in woodland, it will cost you but they are very good

  17. Whenever I drive into my hometown, I think about Everything I love lol, I also really like one thing at a time

  18. I didn't commute during an academic year, but I did commute over summer to work my on-campus job. I've experiencing living on campus, commuting, and living in private off-campus housing.

  19. I disagree with this 100%, I commuted from my first year, and it was so much cheaper compared to rent, why are you spending 20 a day per gas, you drive a semi or something. I had a gas guzzler and it still made sense to commute the 25 minutes from my house. The biggest con, is it is harder to make friends, but very achievable, you have to be willing to stay on campus late, join clubs, join rec sports, or have an on campus job. I had a few friends from classes, but it is hard to make real friendships without another bond other than common major, so just do one of the 3 (or maybe all 3!) of the things I mentioned, and it should be easy to commute.

  20. Alpha phi are by far the skinniest, and chi omega were the heaviest, at least when I was an undergrad

  21. If you heard or felt a pop 100% a torn acl, if no pop then could be meniscus other thing, only way to check for sure is you have to get an MRI. A doctor cannot see what you tore just by looking at it.

  22. Honestly, they are all cool classes in my opinion. Obviously, difficulty depends a lot on the professor. Just so you know, ENG 100 is only a 3 unit class, but it's probably the same amount of work as a 4 unit class.

  23. In my opinion, from easiest to hardest I also included my grades for each, 104 (A-), 102(A), 100(A+). But completely depends on your professor, for me I did the best on 100 but gomez-diaz is amazing, 104 the final was really hard.

  24. If it is not a popular game, you can literally just walk in by flashing your student ID, however sometimes they make you "pre-buy" them on the athletics website, but they are also free, but they want to limit the amount of people that show up

  25. On the website, I don’t see any free options. All basketball tickets require a fee.

  26. I had the same issues on my 2016 macbook pro, the screen would also go black if I moved the screen more than 90 degrees, I took it to a really nice dude in Woodland, and he told me it was not worth to fix it, because apple makes it very hard for them to be fixed. He didn't charge me, so I bought a new one

  27. he just like me fr. but nah seriously i went thorough the same thing a year or two earlier thinking it was like really bad food poisoning or something. it will flare every once in a while. it got so bad one day that i was literally bed ridden. all it took was one hospital visit and i was out the same evening. no issues since then. i was a dumbass

  28. Similar thing happened to me, bad stomach pains for like 5 years every couple of months, finally got it removed my sophomore year of high school, never got that stomach pain again lol

  29. LOL I doubt that, especially because of their christian faith and no way are they blessing their meat with a muslim dude, they probably wouldn't let a Muslim dude within 10 miles of their meat facility in Harris Ranch in Hanford

  30. there are some cows right next to the tercero dorms on dairy road; go get ‘em tiger

  31. When I graduated undergrad me and my buddies tried sneaking in to drink some milk straight from the udder, but with Covid everyone left so I never did it but this year we are doing it, will let you know how it works :), also the ones in tercero usually don't have milk and you have to sneak into the actual dairy which borders LaRue, but I will see

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