Woman pranks her husband

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LPT request - How can I help my financially struggling roommate without him knowing?

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  1. Fritos are about as far as you can get from low sodium. But they are delicious!

  2. You can always make your own Fritos by slicing corn tortillas into strips and frying them

  3. Starbucks by me has gigantic bags of free used grounds for gardeners. Thought that was cool. Just grab one, don't even care if you buy a Coffee.

  4. I once knew a lady who would get those bags and make coffee scrubs to sell

  5. Looks like the inside of my lactose intolerant toddler’s diaper when she eats cheese

  6. Sometimes I think people should have to pass a basic intelligence test to be able to have kids🙄

  7. I’ve never met anyone who thinks homeschooled kids are dumb, and I’ve actually had quite the opposite experience where homeschooled kids are above average in academics. Socially though is where I have seen struggles, though not always.

  8. That would be my kiddo.. didn’t trust the schools where we used to live at all. So I homeschooled for k and 1st. She’s currently in 2nd grade and the lowest grade she’s gotten is a 93.. according to her teacher she’s above grade level on reading too. She prefers reading chapter books. Her classmates are still reading what she considers “ little kids’ books” like the Llama Llama series etc.🤷🏻‍♀️.

  9. I’ve moved recently but used to live in San Antonio Texas.. two cases stand out Baby King Jay Divalla and Baby James Chavez. Mainly because if CPS would have actually done their jobs both babies would still be alive. King Jay was murdered by his step father. All his older siblings had already been removed from the “mom’s” custody and were with their grandparents. Baby James had had relatives call CPS multiple times due to neglect and abuse. Neither were removed from their respective homes and now they are gone forever 😞

  10. YTA sorry. Unfortunate situation but where else is your sister supposed to announce that she's pregnant? Or is she supposed to keep it a secret?

  11. Just randomly show up with a kid 9 months later 🤣. I accidentally did that with my youngest lol. Completely forgot to announce that I was expecting then posted about her birth 🤷🏻‍♀️oops

  12. Why do you promote running away from family, flesh and blood , instead of trying to resolve and work out issues

  13. Because “family” can be toxic af and sometimes it’s better for one’s mental health to just stay away from them🤷🏻‍♀️. Not all families are good people.

  14. Listen if they were ever dumb enough to put someone like me in a tank the intrusive thoughts will win.

  15. Right now my niece is in a phase where she would hide, and announce in a loud voice “I’m hiding!” from the place that she’s hidden herself in. Then, pleased with her concealment, she’d say “I disappeared!”. And still continues to be amazed that we can always find her.

  16. My kiddo went through a stage where when I would say “Where’s kiddo?” She would come out from wherever she was hiding and say “I’m here!” Then be shocked we found her🤣

  17. Sneak into his room and put money in his pockets 🤷🏻‍♀️. Kinda like a reverse pickpocket situation

  18. I fill them throughout the month 🤷🏻‍♀️. My kids know Santa isn’t real, I’ve been caught wrapping gifts 🤣

  19. Those aren’t meant for kids 🤷🏻‍♀️. They make liquid meds

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