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  1. He’d definitely be starting…that’s what we can promise that likely very few other could.

  2. Nah I’m sick of promising roles, that’s how we ended up where we are. Promise him the opportunity to start and play big minutes, but never guarantee it

  3. I don’t believe anything Fischer says when it comes to LA. He’s the same guy that said Kyrie and DeMar were coming for the MLE

  4. Watching another Russ blooper video with old timey ragtime music in the background.

  5. And are contenders. Who wants to join the worse organization, worse roster and get slandered because he’s put in a worse situation?

  6. No one is to post any more Kyrie news unless it’s from Shams. The last 3 days have been a nightmare lol

  7. well a lot of thst has to do with the recent controversy with the clown known as Skip Bayless. Obviously when he says something and someone as big as russ responds people will join the bandwagon on bashing him hoping for even more of a reaction.

  8. Or we all watched him suck dick at playing the sport for 78 games, accept zero responsibility and blame everyone else in the organization?

  9. Imagine if Westbrook declines his player option somehow

  10. Going by the comments here I guess it was a good thing I didn’t know who this person was.

  11. This is the guy that LeBron called out during the season in a press conference for saying he was ditching us to go to Cleveland. Remember the “I read what you wrote Bill” comments?

  12. Obvious: Russ is not a good fit for any contending basketball team

  13. Explain to me how Russ is any better. The floor stays the same but the ceiling increases exponentially

  14. I didn’t see it anywhere in the feed, maybe it was taken down? It’s also early and I could just be missing it tho either way my bad lol

  15. Darvin Ham and Rob Pelinka told the media they’ve talked to Russ about being Jrue Holiday and he starts posting clips from the first term of the Obama administration I can’t fucking do this anymore lol

  16. I’ve not realised this before… but palpatine coming back in IX completely ruins anything Anakin/Vader did regarding fulfilling the prophecy etc…. Or am I wrong?

  17. No you’re 100% right. Anakin sacrificing/redeeming himself for his son and killing Palpatine went to waste when he “somehow returned.” It’s why I don’t care about the sequels and don’t consider them canon even if I have to acknowledge they happened

  18. The Nets don’t want Russ and imo idk what they would take back in a deal. Maybe a 3 team opt in with Kyrie/Beal/Russ swapping out, but Washington probably wouldn’t like that lol

  19. There are credible rumblings in circulation that Irving, for starters, has indeed had some recent contact with Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, his former Cleveland teammate, to presumably discuss a potential reunion in Hollywood. I’m told it would be a stretch, though, to suggest that the Lakers are currently pursuing Irving. They do not possess the trade assets to realistically engage Brooklyn in Irving trade talks even if he exercises his player option for next season. Also: The Lakers, as things stand, couldn’t offer Irving more than the midlevel exception for tax-paying teams for next season if Irving bypasses his player option to opt for free agency. That MLE, remember, tops out at a projected $6.39 million. The idea of Irving declining his player option and essentially playing for $30 million less in L.A., even after the $15-plus million he willingly sacrificed last season by refusing the COVID-19 vaccine and missing the first 35 games of the season, just doesn't seem plausible.

  20. Why the actual fuck are there so many 3 stacks this week? Last week I didn’t play a 3 stack until win 6 now it’s every fucking time

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