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  1. Smoking while drinking was the toughest bind for me to break. Eventually I had to fo 3 months sober to kick it.

  2. Fill out a report on the discord and you can probably get it back

  3. That feeling when you still probably wouldn't be able to afford this.

  4. I think it's just a matter of controlled opposition myself. I'd like to see the replies from the other people in the room, I'm sure they shot down his ideas like he was an idiot.

  5. Lots of fun for blackjack though. Haven’t tried roulette.

  6. I was getting them frequently enough when I started that I bought the actual ad blocker, thinking it would be worth while. I haven't had a relic ad appear since and I'm regretting my purchase.

  7. I get a money and a relic once a day, usually in the morning

  8. Oh really? I worried about that. I like the option to get the free stuff from ads, wouldn't want to lose options. Thanks for the warning.

  9. I bought it and I get the option to get relics or money from the mothership or whatever twice a day. You still get the free crate every hour, and you can spam the +2h idle time whenever you want.

  10. Any money that was awarded by accident in the update was taken back

  11. The last good campaign was mw remastered lol. Ww2 was so bad, you fought through France and then the rest of the war played in a cut scene. No North Africa, no Pacific, no Germany or Russia.

  12. The Ritual. I believe I watched it on Netlfix.

  13. I saw it was in a category called "based on books" so I bought the book and really enjoyed it, the ending is different from the movie so there's no spoilers. Same author wrote another book called Last Days which was really good, very spooky.

  14. I mean it really goes without saying that the gun guy is totally in the wrong but going around and harassing people is not smart, there are some crazy folks out there. Just pick up litter or put them away yourself, you're not going to change these people's minds.

  15. Yeah I'm not a cart narc fan, I think it's kind of rude to go and ruin someone's day or try to get a rise out of people, even if the pretext is justifiable and lighthearted.

  16. I'd be one step further and put my cart away, I just don't enjoy watching the confrontation that he's making for entertainment.

  17. Sank waaaay too many hours into that map on domination. Hard to describe how much fun it is with no stock full auto shotgun and drum round. It was like crack for COD players for a while. 80-100 kills a game in dom was normal for many players!

  18. In ww2 you could get a perk that would automatically fill your magazine if you have a mutli kill and I got a final kill cam killing 5 guys with the sawed off double barrell without reloading

  19. Foreign buyers can still buy REITs, they can still invest in hedge funds that buy up property. This sounds great on paper, but it's only part of the problem.

  20. The quoted number is BS, PAP is Polish government agency and is trying to antagonize people against the ATCs. Real salaries are way smaller - typical take home pay is about 2.5k$ per month. Which is still not bad for Polish standards of course, but doesn't reflect qualifications and responsibility.

  21. I think a two way death comm would be hilarious. regular proximity chat would be fun too with callouts and trash talk, but I think people would abuse it and collaborate with other teams

  22. I think there's an issue with how sports bets are paying out. You'll get it eventually, but you may have to wait for an update

  23. I do this because I don’t want it to potentially touch the underside of the seat

  24. Why don't you put the lid down? Why are you flushing sitting down?

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