1. Great run but why was it posted twice within 9hrs of each other? Did something happen the Blount?

  2. Oops, I didn't even see that post. My bad.

  3. Mentor is RW, I see how it could be used in Abzan but it feels off considering that they already have their own +1/+1 counter mechanic?

  4. I felt Mentor was good as it felt in-flavor for the ancestor spirits, was a +1/+1 counter mechanic, and kept the token balanced enough that it needed extra support to take advantage of that Abzan would naturally have. Having it be Outlast is also an okay idea, though it needs more mana sunk into it and it felt to me like Outlast was more flavored to the living Abzan than the dead ones.

  5. The Jets have never beaten the Eagles in the regular season. Ever.

  6. Wait that's actually insane, how many times have they played?

  7. Oh yeah, this wouldn't end well for you guys. Didn't think about that

  8. As an impact to my own perception of the team…the aggressively stupid MRSA “cover up” (where the head coach blatantly lied about a player’s status, and completely forgot his wife might be watching the news).

  9. Those were terrible, but I still think you can't get worse than 0-26

  10. The top response last time was [[Skullclamp]] - let's see if the answers are different this time

  11. They didn't think it was necessary to put a rule in there telling you not to grab someone's facemask or neck and basically try to kill him.

  12. After getting the facemask banned, Night Train started using a clothesline tackle called the "Night Train Necktie". That got banned pretty quickly afterwards.

  13. We have by far the worst special teams in the league, historically. If you don't count that we're probably top tier, though.

  14. The refs missed a delay of game before Justin Tucker's 66 yard game winning field goal.

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