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  1. Just wait - soon Putin will make it illegal to breathe, eat, and sleep.

  2. Don't worry, Santos crafted that coffin and nails with this own hands. He learned his carpentry skills from Jesus Christ himself and can easily escape from its confines.

  3. You gotta have an iq of an amoeba to not get how to draw a swastika

  4. People do the stupidest shit to try and make a viral video. Thing is ... it's easier to go viral being an asshole rather than doing something good so that's the path these idiots take.

  5. I get the feeling that the OP will still think he was in the right even after everyone is telling him he's wrong, lol.

  6. The Baltics are next on Putin's hit list. They know that stopping him now is imperative to avoiding a direct conflict later. Putin has done a stellar job in uniting NATO, and other groups of nations, against him.

  7. Moldova was the only realistic target if Ukraine fell.

  8. Unless it's a jewfish then you have to find something kosher.

  9. Watch him do nothing about ad size or frequency.

  10. Didn't these two battlecruisers sink the HMS Glorious?

  11. I remember there was a story of a woman with a CHL shooting at a man who had stolen some tools at a hardware store. I think her carry license was revoked.

  12. Easy, they pay electric eels to hydrolysis water into oxygen and hydrogen.

  13. Yeah, good luck with that exploded budget Russia, lol.

  14. I had the good fortune of seeing a few during a hike near Aspen, Colorado. Their meep calls are actually pretty loud and you can tell there's a pika in the area even if you can't see them.

  15. Funny thing, when I was in high school in the early 00's in Texas my bio AP teacher let us read her old college textbook from the 60's.

  16. He’s probably usually busy when NBA games are on.

  17. Dirk said in interviews that after a game he would go home and tune into a West coast game if they were still playing.

  18. The man who inspired a bunch of scientifically illiterate people to believe that we would be travelling around in our wirelessly powered flying cars if not for that damn Edison.

  19. Alright, at this point Republicans in the House should just buy a Bluetooth speaker and call it the Speaker of the House and give it to McCarthy.

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