The Supreme Court Is On The Verge Of Killing The Voting Rights Act

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  1. while that is also true, it doesn't change the fact that they are all the same. money over everything, push their agenda when available, and do tabloid style articles under the guise of actual news.

  2. The GOP has spent decades setting this up. They have spent decades creating an environment where it doesn't matter who their candidate it, as long as they have an R, you have to vote for them. They've conditioned these people to believe that the person doesn't matter, the party does. That the left is nothing but horrible, evil, child killers that want to destroy this country and no matter how good or nice the person with a D by their name might seem, no matter how much you might like what they say... well, you can't trust them because they are 'Demonrats,' who will kill all the babies and be corrupted by Washington.

  3. It could only be considered 'unexpected,' if you ignored reality and fell for all of the BS that the GOP pushed.

  4. No, serious violent crimes are still unacceptably high.

  5. Compared to where we were pre-covid.

  6. It seems to me that we have a very small sample size that you want to work with here and it involves both Republicans and Democrats being in charge; as well as a pandemic being a part of the issue itself. We also cannot even fully tell what the homicide rate or violent crime rate is for 2021 because it is just an estimate, and the estimate may be entirely incorrect... and I still don't see how this gets blamed on one party.

  7. So you are telling me the whole family is shady?

  8. This is exhibit A on why the right loves Hunter Biden crap. They aren't reporting on this merely because Hunter Biden allegedly committed crimes, they are reporting on it as a bold face attempt to associate Hunter's activity with Joe and to get people to say this very thing: 'The whole family is shady/corrupt.'

  9. Oh geeze, is that what they "have enough to file charges" about? That's even worse than I thought.

  10. Maybe there is more to it, but a quick skim of this article stated:

  11. No, but she is a political activist who attempted to overthrow the results of an election.

  12. They also don't really hold any position. One day they are against abortions and the next its OK because its one of their own.

  13. I think Trump also made this painfully obvious in 2016. They had no real plan to even obtain the goals. They just said things they wanted to happen, but really had no means to get to it. Yelling about building a wall, but no real plan for what it would look like, how we'd pay for it, etc. Then, when pressed Trump would say something silly like, "Mexico will pay for it!" Then move on to better healthcare and they'd ramble about more competition or some stupid thing like that, clearly having no plan of how that would help at all, or how they'd create more competition. It is all just a ruse to have power and to take advantage of people. No real policy outside of enrichment.

  14. VUMC will chop that wiener off

  15. and don't forget to come back in about five years so we can have this conversation again.

  16. Alabama: We've already filed for more. See you soon!

  17. This. Right-wing media and the GOP have worked very hard to demonize the left so that it would never matter who they ran for office, it would only matter that the person was running against a Democrat. They essentially made people pick a team and now it is 'win at all costs,' for that team.

  18. Walker has multiple kids to multiple women, but of course the woman he knocked up is the skank. Okay.

  19. Don't you know?! They all seduced him with skirts that were too short and tops that showed too much cleavage just so they could get that sweet sweet child support money from him. I mean, clearly, he is the real victim here.

  20. You are correct. That is exactly what is going on. Because authoritarianism is built on accepting crazy so long as you get what you want.

  21. This is basically a home run lie for the GOP because it hits on three things that the GOP want to destroy:

  22. This kind of thing paints a really bleak picture of the general intelligence and critical thinking skills of the people who buy into it -- some of whom actually wield power. Either they don't actually believe it's true and are only spreading the talking point in extremely bad faith, or, they actually believe it's true, or, it's a mix of both. I think the answer is that third one, but I'm not sure which is the scarier option.

  23. Politicians know it is false. They just don't care because if they say it enough then it will get spread around the interwebs and suddenly it becomes true for thousands. If this same type of article appeared on Facebook, TikTok, or a conservative social media site and you won't find a bunch of people dispelling it. You'll find a bunch of people 'horrified,' blaming liberal, asking what the world is coming to, etc. On top of that, you'd find a host of people corroborating (lying) about it and claiming that "my brother's wife is a teacher and the school district next to hers has this."

  24. The Christian nationalist right just excuses this behavior by simply saying, "This happened in a dark time in my life, and then I found Jesus..."

  25. Yeah, this is one of the few of these psychotic stories I've actually heard in real life. Someone said "my friend teaches at [School District 20 miles away] and said they are providing litterboxes for kids who identify as cats!!" The providing of a specific district (a rural one most definitely NOT doing this) makes me wonder if there are teachers so brainwashed that they just openly lie about their own school district to try and own the libs. Then again, the person who said this might have just been inventing stuff entirely instead of earnestly believing it.

  26. And to keep repeating it... not a single person has provided any actual evidence. On top of that, almost all of it is some sort of hearsay. Person A heard that it's happening somewhere. Almost never they themselves saying they saw it. It's all ridiculous; and as someone else mentioned... we're it happening then it would almost universally be rejected as unacceptable.

  27. Of course it is working. It has been a major push in right-wing circles for some time. They want private schools so they can teach GOP/conservative principles and they can also largely have religious schools. The very 'grooming,' they're crying about and claiming that public school and college is doing.

  28. It's always comical when Democrats bash people crying voter fraud and but turn around and say there is totally voter fraud that screws them over.

  29. When have Democrats alleged that there was voter fraud?

  30. Abrams did not make allegations of voter fraud. She made allegations of voter suppression. For which she had actual evidence.

  31. It's really frustrating for me because not only is there ludicrously copious data and proof, but it is corroborated across many fields.

  32. They don't really care the why the scientists are doing it. They just want to make up excuses that allow them to continue to do the things that they want to do.

  33. And again, entirely ignores how science works. Listen to any scientist and they will tell you that they love being wrong because that gives them a chance to learn and to continue to explore because they've gained new information.

  34. A lot of people are incapable of distinguishing jokes from genuine statements, so it's possible he made a joke about prescriptions or something and they interpreted that as a factual statement.

  35. My mom used to watch his show a lot, and so I would catch parts of it by proxy. There is at least a part of me that remembers that he'd have some sort of segment where he says something like 'my prescription for you...' and then he pushes some sort of bullshit. Of course, it isn't a real prescription, but I could see where some people trust him to such a degree that they essentially take it as one. Which was, to my understanding, part of the issue... that people would take his word as gospel and would try everything he suggested, even if they might be dangerous to use together.

  36. I always wondered if he had a vested interest in the supplements he was pushing.

  37. Ohh, without a doubt. He was definitely getting paid to push certain supplements and certain brands. No doubt.

  38. Lol he has spent almost 2 years saying the SCOTUS is about to take his case.

  39. I agree, in nyc even homeless get city id’s to say a group can’t is out there. How to you do much of anything without a Id? Wanna buy a drink anywhere need a Id.

  40. It is an obstacle to voting that often disproportionately effects minorities. The types of IDs that black people are more likely to have are often disallowed. The costs of getting the other types of IDs are often prohibitive. The amount of time and travel required can also be prohibitive.

  41. Operator: 'Ohh, I'm sorry. He can't help you. He's on call with the (former) President. Have you tried Don Junior?'

  42. Dusting off racist tropes from the 1980s is a sure sign of electoral strength, imo. 🙄

  43. Pretty sure that ol JK here never really let those tropes from the 80s get dusty. He just kept right on using them.

  44. JD massively fucked up by swinging right for his political career. Hillbilly Elegy was basically a Bible for liberals and independents desperate for a glimpse into the mind of rural Conservative and failed to leverage that into any votes for his campaign.

  45. Hillbilly Elegy was a giant piece of shit that offended thousands of people from Appalachia with bullshit stereotypes and overarching assumptions. Vance didn't even grow up in Appalachia and anyone using a book like that to peer into the region is getting more falsehoods and lies that the actual Bible.

  46. It’s hilarious that anyone thinks Joe really does anything or makes any decisions of consequence. They pump him up with whatever iv-upper drip he needs to function, he wanders out tries to follow the script. Most obvious puppet president of all-time.

  47. I’m sure there’s an inner circle of Democrat politicians and strategists that guide Joe and the whole presidency along. Trumps a joke as well, I’m not American and not just some republican hating on the dem president. Watching from the outside in disbelief.

  48. Can confirm, I have family in the poorest area of South Carolina. They move through racism like fish more through water. They literally can't tell when they are spewing racist shade and are genuinely surprised when it's pointed out to them.

  49. That is kind of an interesting part of it. These people are racist, but they'd be very offended if you called them such... even if it was right in the middle of them saying something entirely racist. There is just some sort of disconnect there for them that they don't see their words as wrong or harmful. It really isn't just the south either. My wife's family is from Indiana, and it is very much the same thing there in the more rural places. My wife's grandmother is a very nice person in many ways, but it is quite clear that she holds very negative feelings for almost all Hispanic people and most black people.

  50. Can confirm Indiana. We drove the family from Chicago to Cincy one weekend and got turned around by Google Maps. It was an experience to say the least. Confederate flags, rude service at a restaurant, and bike rallies were all experienced from taking the wrong road. We did run into the Hoosier Gym though. Wife and I love it, kids hated it.

  51. The kids hated the Hoosier gym? What is this world coming to!?

  52. That is very true, but let's also not downplay the fact that despite all of his flaws, all of his scandals, his impeachments, his lies, his horrible handling of a pandemic that killed millions... on and on... he still received more votes than he did in 2016, and the second highest number ever. It wasn't some easy win for Biden/Democrats. Republicans didn't outright refuse to vote for him or reject him as a candidate. Hell, even after he helped orchestrate a coup attempt they continue to support him with similar vigor.

  53. He's the head of the party of "family values". You know, the party that preaches about monogomy, the nuclear family, how it should be one man, one woman, the law & order party, etc, etc.

  54. The same party that criticized Obama and his wife and claimed that she was a man. That Michelle Obama wasn't classy and that Melania were. That would compare the two families and scream to the world that the white one was the ideal American family while the black one wasn't.

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