1. I'd start with comprehensive mental healthcare and a properly funded public school system that is not reliant on local property taxes. Paid for by increased taxation of the top 1%.

  2. The Buffalo shooter was known to be "troubled." Are you sure he wasn't receiving mental healthcare?

  3. Adam Lanza (the sandy hook shooter) was evaluated by mental health professionals as a teenager and was found to have very severe mental health problems and was recommended for intensive interventions to help him.

  4. May not be a funeral but do not think grieving is not happening over this loss.

  5. That's actually a really important part of the argument.

  6. It depends, but mostly only for specific ingredients and mixtures.

  7. Yes, because that is what an explanation is, it's a more complicated and in depth description of phenomena.

  8. Whatever anyone think of Chauvin .. guilty or not .. I would hope they don't want public outcry to ever affect the sentence or sentencing in court.

  9. Not really feasible though in a world where everything can be easily recorded and shared.

  10. You can have a public outcry which pressure politicians into changing the law going forward to reflect public sentiment.

  11. Information moves more quickly and reaches much farther than it used to. That's just a fact. Acknowledging that fact is not remotely in the same category as being cool with lynching's. So we should be able to pack that away.

  12. Sorry but no, you were sold the product that you demanded.

  13. Well, yeah. She's going to be a supreme court justice. The first amendment in the constitution protects Nazi's along with all other speech from being unduly infringed upon by the federal government.

  14. At risk of being condescending, if some people were unaware, Clarence Thomas was accused famously by Anita Hill of sexual harassment. The most memorable example of which was him apparently putting his pubic hair in her coka cola.

  15. You'd have to look at each animal and ask the question, what about dying after mating makes this species more likely to survive?

  16. Probably because of who Alex Jones is. I think there are four different cases in three different states with Sandy Hook family members suing Alex Jones.

  17. We'd also have a shoddy number of cops. If the bar is too high, not many people are gonna make it. When you need a force, you have to be willing to sacrifice quality for quantity or you'll be overrun by crime.

  18. Omg how do they survive each day with such thin skin! 🤣

  19. That's like asking how a heroin addict manages with all those huge visible veins in their arms!

  20. Oregon GOP is fucking deeeeep racist fuckery. The whole state basically started as a sundown territory. As in the civil war ended and a lot of clansmen went west to make it easier to chase away any non-whites. Long fucking history of clansmen in their political offices.

  21. It’s wild how this move completely overshadowed the fact the Texan governor told energy supplers to charge the absolute maximum during their snowstorm that paralyzed the state. Watch this hand but ignore the other

  22. Well yeah, they weren't very happy about freezing to death or being price gouged into poverty.

  23. Free markets includes foreign products. Unless you want global control to actually create the same rules and enforce them then whatever the Montana and Canadian ranchers do to one another isn't going to matter in the slightest.

  24. Then you want to start actually participating in global stabilization.

  25. In Rucho v. Common Cause half the plaintiffs were opposing Democrats.

  26. A 5/4 conservative supreme court killed Rucho. Congressional Dems have been incredibly consistent in pursuing federal anti gerrymandering legislation that Republicans have shit on.

  27. Draw a line on a balloon when it is inflated. Try to draw a line that goes halfway around it's circumference in any direction. Now draw some triangles on either side of that line.

  28. In addition, pensions plans are a common benefit offered for government jobs. No one is going to give a shit about your pension plans if there aren't strong protections around how your job might get terminated.

  29. Money can be backed by a commodity. Gold for example. This means that a bank note for ten dollars would represent ten dollars worth of gold.

  30. Backing paper money with a commodity is not a watertight protection for that money. Gold has little more inherent worth than cash.

  31. Oh if I put forward the notion that commodity backed currency was superior then I apologize, super unintentional.

  32. Theranos : I can make a machine that will replace expensive blood tests and huge hospital labs with a box the size of a desktop printer!

  33. Well one potential difference is that with Madoff a decent number of his investors thought that they were in on the scam. They didn't actually believe that he had a special system to beat the market they just thought that the the people he'd be screwing over would be someone other than themselves.

  34. Says the guy who can't trust 300 million people because of where they're located 😊

  35. Or maybe a person like me, who lives where they are located and has seen first hand that their behavior engenders no trust.

  36. A broken neck means that one or more of your upper vertebrae, which are the bones surrounding your spinal chord, are cracked or fractured.

  37. That does not mean that there is no room for nuance. My mom slapped my one time when I was being a real little shit as a teen.

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