What they didn't tell us about today's 8.6% inflation CPI print

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  1. Let me put it this way. I don't ask you whether something out of this world aka you know who was letting you know from the very beginning that you shouldn't try to panic from this flu.

  2. Part of my confusion concerns this panic. How do you quantify or detect it? I understand that psychology, especially at the level of detecting multiple personalities, is quite difficult. I understand how one must project outwardly from inside another person's mind and then reflect that projection backwards onto the person like a mirror. Assume the person is lying to themselves, but outwardly spill out the inner truth their psyche knows to be true in a way the person doesn't even see they are doing it. I understand how that works because I saw it in myself when I began this journey to become a better hunam.

  3. Let's say that after Diamond Princess I was like This looks totally mass psychosis that went out of control. You got sure nothing to worry. However, until they officially finish it, you may want to help your parents/grandparents self isolate, but you should explain them that it looks a false alarm

  4. Maybe it's like that for you where you live, the West barely acknowledge long covid even now, it's just not talked about when it comes to government policy. Tacitly, we are waging genocidal class warfare upon our own citizens. People dying of corona is good for the economy, so the next step is to normalize the mildly elevated death rate when BA5 rolls through.

  5. Seriously. People on here thinking protecting people's yoloing on the stock market is on the fed mandate.

  6. Boomers yoloed their entire life to some of these companies. You think they aren't going to be protected?

  7. There’s zero incentive for the US to cede control of its monetary system to the IMF. Zero chance also, as it would require Congress to vote to do it. You know, the Constitution and power of the purse and all.

  8. The US won't have to. If money wants Ripple as world reserve currency then that's what it will be.

  9. There was hardly any short selling last week. Cost to borrow doesn't mean all that much unless it is the overnight cost to borrow.

  10. I MIG welded the front cross member supports to the frame on my mom's old truck bought off salvage. Highway Patrol signed off on it and we got a title.

  11. You lapply over remove_animal_list, not over dataframe; i.e.,

  12. Yup, the first argument is basically the entire set that a for loop would otherwise operate over.

  13. Hypersonic nuke directly up Xi's asshole. Fuck around, find out.

  14. Yes, let's cause a shortage and drive the prices up even higher! Puts on SPY!

  15. I would gladly trade much cheaper and efficient cars for more expensive gasoline.

  16. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, a sister-syndrome to SIDS. Basically a heart attack or stroke out of nowhere, potentially from a recent covid infection.

  17. YOUR leader is the one who likes to take credit for the vaccine.

  18. That's the part that gets me the most about antivax. I'm not so prideful that I won't give him credit, it's probably the only good thing the man's done in his entire life, and it wasn't even a selfless act. But he got it done, it was safe enough for him to take it, and he did. What more could you ask for?

  19. I'm not a huge MACD user but that looks to me like more downside to come (fast is crossing lower over slow).

  20. On those tickers you mention, is there enough volume to satisfy ftds? Or on those tickers there are so many ftds the volume doesn't justify closing?

  21. The hypothesis is that there are so many FTDs that have built up over time and rolled with buy-writes that there's nowhere close to enough liquidity to actually close them out. My take is that short positions that can close have, are, or will close, and those who won't will continue to buy-write and dump on the open market to continue suppressing or driving down the price to a level where they can.

  22. There is zero chance, you or anyone else. Can factually prove options were bought and immediately exercised. All you are doing is creating a fantasy scenario where FTD are actually a big deal. And then creating a narrative that fits the narrative and digging down a rabbit hole of conspiracy

  23. Why would you buy deep ITM calls with 6DTE and not exercise? You really aren't exposed to much delta for a trade and theta will eat you alive, there's just no reason not to.

  24. I came across a Twitter thread where the question was asked, what do you call it when people who have had corona try to convince you that it's nothing? Deeper in I came across someone discussing cognitive dissonance reduction, in how a person undergoing this panic tries to keep everything straight and logical to themselves and how they perceive what is happening.

  25. One of the overlooked symptoms of corona disease early on was that infiltration of the brain stem tends to repress automatic breathing, very much like opioid overdoses. This would present with breathing failures, but not necessarily have accompanying lung damage. Probably contributed to alpha's higher CFR, as it had a high affinity for brain damage.

  26. Weren't a lot of the people involved in the safety trials given doses that were far above the standard dosages that are actually used? No matter what, it should not be surprising that adverse events happen, coronavirus spikes are toxic to cells. Doubly so when they are attached to live virus that has been actively replicating and suppressing your immune system!

  27. It's an idiot that doesn't know this term literally predates the vaccines.

  28. Which does nothing to the stock fundamentally god this place is fucking retarded.

  29. Exponential gamma from options exposure under split, please sit down.

  30. Use circuits to count how many items are added to and removed from the belt, then control inserters to only add more when there's not enough.

  31. Priority splitters can be set to take excess from the sushi line and push it through the supply line. That's how I did my first Kovarex setup.

  32. Yea if I didn't have to pick up the burden of someone's sitting on the couch I could.... taxes to pay the lazy free loading low life's. That's why I gotta work, so some lazy assholes can get high

  33. I just realized I've never seen an orange cat with stripes like that...

  34. who produced the means of production?

  35. It looks like you are running RGUI? You need RStudio for the fancy stuff.

  36. You had 5 wisdom teeth? That's metal af.

  37. It's not unheard of. I had both of my top ones taken out... and now I have new ones... Neither one is as tall as the rest of my teeth, one is about 1/2 as high and the other 3/4.

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