My younger brother got kicked out of Sunday School for saying Spider-Man is morally better than God.

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  1. That's because of your ankle bracelet

  2. My shower curtain doesn't have shit on it for me to beat. Maybe you're not using as intended?

  3. I'd deleted my account but created a new one to see with my own eyes whether what people were saying was true. I gave zero info about myself, declined all permissions, chose the top 3 subjects (I think it was music, entertainment and something else), and followed only Elon musk.

  4. How come there's no Blowjob category in "How we did it" but it's a pretty big data point in "How He Finished"?

  5. More concerning is the fact that they'res on reddit and there's no anilingus.

  6. Your username is cum_fart_69. I agree with what you said, but, again, your username is cum_fart_69.

  7. Well, car manufacturers still use similar patterns to disguise the shape of their new cars while road testing them before release, so people with a vested financial interest in it working actually seem to think it does.

  8. Yep I think that's a pretty good sign that it does indeed make it harder to visually make sense of what the shape actually is

  9. And Santa gives me dildos every Christmas, what has GOD ever done to me other than that one time I called a dude baldy and some bears tried to eat me?

  10. Everything about this picture is perfect. The toupeed head badass zero fucks given but also look at my fabulous fingerbails bird. The mom's face like she's about to both vomit and have an orgasm at the same time (sorry OP, I say that with all due respect). The guy behind saying "I'm serious guys, mine is THIS big" while his friends are rolling their eyes and looking away thinking "not this again". The woman by the flag wondering if she'll survive the parkour jump she's about to take. An old couple posing for a picture while in the back their ghosts are waiting under the flag for the US Healthcare system to kill them. If this is not meme material, I don't know what is.

  11. Girls usually vomit after having sex with me. No, I'm not a rapist. It's just them realizing they've hit rock bottom.

  12. Chris Cornell should've added an exception to his Audioslave lyrics.

  13. That just means someone passed away in it which isn’t unusual since they get them REALLY cheap even in good condition. The blood and stuff can fuck up the wiring of cars if that stuff wasn’t shielded though which basically makes the car scrap metal and for parts rather than being able to be fixed and sold. Yes you can buy used cars that people died in for dirt cheap usually.

  14. The car has been sitting in the lot for a while now (I couldn't see any blood in it or nothing unusual in the exterior or interior). Wouldn't they want to clean the car asap instead of leaving it locked?

  15. If the zombies are caused by bites, maybe. If by prions, fuck no! That's the scariest fucking thing in the universe.

  16. I have sleep apnea and Google thinks I'm a senior citizen.

  17. Do they get tested for CWD? If one of them has it, what do they do with the rest that came into contact with it?

  18. Others have answered your questions, I'll just add please stop giving atheists, gays, and drag queens a bad name by comparing them to the foul beings that order salad at McDonalds.

  19. I'm sorry - one of these really is the work of the devil, and the other are awesome!

  20. This puts me in mind of the documentary Tickled.

  21. Please don't let suicidal thoughts take over. You did nothing wrong and this person is in the wrong and a criminal. I hope you have a good support network to talk about this with. If you don't, know that a therapist is always a phone call away.

  22. Getting good people to step aside is absolutely the point of all of this. They are planning on us throwing up our hands and not engaging anymore. These thankless jobs turning into hell is the plan.

  23. Yep and then they take those over and start stealing elections, putting their religious dumbassery in the curriculum, normalizing persecution of minorities, until they get their way. Then the cult splits, and the more extremists start persecuting the less extremists. Rinse and repeat until it's just one guy in command and everyone else is disenfranchised.

  24. If everyone does this to their own accounts, current or deleted, Twitter would have another implosion and crisis to deal with. Wouldn't that be terrible now... I hope no one does it!

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