1. what if it is not attached to anyone?...

  2. My man. Do not let it eat at you. Bigger does not always mean better. Do some foreplay, figure out the movements that get a reaction out of her.

  3. Just sucks that 180s are hot garbage right now. Explosive Payload carries it.

  4. It only takes one person to step in and say, "Let's stop this." I know people were thinking it, but nobody wanted to be the first.

  5. Looking at that? Anyone getting in the middle of that's gonna have blonde crazy bitch swinging at them as well. She's not gonna stop

  6. Ah yes, filming but not helping, they all call themself fucking adult's but NONE of then even THINK about is to grab the child out of sighn so he will not have a negative impact...witch he has now becouse how naive children are he will probably think that his actions where ok...

  7. Eh, situations are worth stepping in for. This is not one of them. It's super clear neither of those women are going to stop and getting in the mix of that is not going to go anywhere good.

  8. Finally someone who gave some proper proof. I really hope you get it. And to be 330 runs in just screams bug in their drop rate. Hopefully with this bungie can get something sorted

  9. I'm at over 170 runs and haven't gotten it. People aren't blowing smoke, the drop rate is just garbage.

  10. Would be more inclined do believe that if you posted raid report, and a picture of your collections.

  11. I hope you get your gun guardian. And I wish you the best of luck

  12. Why would so many ppl, on the week that vog is in rotation and becomes known that vex can be farmed, all collectively come and make up numbers about it? A wpn that best estimates put at around 5% drop chance mind you.

  13. How am I gatekeeping when I have said multiple times rng raid exotics are bad and quests were good for raid exotics. You're just crying for the sake of crying at this point

  14. typical internet contrarian, I posted my rr like 5 comments ago and you're still going on lol. There are so many ppl on LFG discord alone with very high number of runs and no vex. You're OOL.

  15. Buddy you clearly can't read what I'm saying. The other guy who posted his RR even understood and he and I agreed.

  16. I know it's a joke and all but I don't recall Groudon being x4 weak to anything since he's a monotype.

  17. Jesus christ I straight up forgot primal gained fire typing.

  18. "This is what happens when angry little boys like (Alex Stein) don't grow up and can't get girlfriends"

  19. That's some impressive hand writing for a pre schooler

  20. Give that adorable furball all the love and scitches!

  21. Yeah, bunch of comments now downvoted to oblivion of people saying that this guy was stupid for not bringing a gun to protect his family better, or that they themselves wouldn't go there without a shotgun.

  22. Pretty common practice in places like Alaska to be armed when out in the wilderness. Moose and Grizzly bears do not fuck around and should never be taken lightly.

  23. It's not a bad show, it's also just not a good one either. It sits well in the middle. I'm gonna still watch it through the end though and hope it does get better.

  24. I lived in Aspen and Glenwood Springs(all in the same valley, 30 minutes apart from eachother)

  25. Have you looked into what a vasectomy does to a womens body? It fuck up their hormones a lot and changes things very much and is a much harder operation, what risks is there besides swolen nuts because clumsy doctors? That's about it

  26. Gonna assume this is a poor troll attempt since you are saying women can get a Vasectomy. Have a good night.

  27. I only replied to your post because it touched on vasectomy vs "the most effective" female BC. I should have stated it wasn't directed AT you. I just felt it was a good place to highlight what I was trying to point out.

  28. 180s and 150s need redone. 200 and 260s are good.

  29. I think 200s and 260s still need a damage buff as well, albeit, to a lesser extent.

  30. To be fair, nothing keeps up with a good SMG in PVE sadly. SMG's are way to strong in PVE meta currently.

  31. Isn’t Garchomp a better ground attacker? It’s been pretty trivial to get an earth power Garchomp in the last year.

  32. Garchomp is slightly stronger but groudon is also very relevant in pvp and stoll pretty top tier in pve

  33. Because its bullshit. They are using pictures and a small clip from two separate events a year apart. It's false information thats easily picked apart by a simple google image search.

  34. Dont flatter yourself, you couldn't find your own shit in your restroom.

  35. My humor and confidence. And, oddly enough, my ex wife(who I am still friends with) and my fiance both said they found me having no legs as a bonus. Makes cuddling easier, they get all the leg room to themselves on the bed while still getting to be held =P

  36. I just wanted a shiny 90% of above and I ended up with 5 hundo groudons and not 1 shiny over 80%....

  37. Hundo odds are 1/216 so you hit the jackpot. Most people would have to spend about $1000 to get 5 hundos.

  38. I got them in 120 runs. Ive been on all day today trying to get a decent shiny but gave up =/ Just gonna lucky trade with a friend.

  39. Yup. It feels unusual to you, but for the bank it’s mostly boring paperwork.

  40. Not even paperwork anymore. At my work the form auto fills. We just ask them if all their contact info is up to date and make sure it's a current DL on file. Usually done with a single click

  41. just had a 8mm one taken out today. it sucked.. i get them every few years regardless of diet. My kidneys just like to make stones =/

  42. I hate to break it down to you but here it goes: see a loreley sitting on a barrier?

  43. These kinder guardians clearly never had to deal with OEM in its prime, OG Thorn, or QueensBreaker

  44. Would have been more hyped if it was Axew getting dual chop

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