1. I have no idea what any of this means but since you all are having a good time, I'm also having a good time. :)

  2. It's pretty good, but what does steak sauce have to do with this?

  3. I would have never guessed back in 2016 that these two characters would be why I still keep up with this series.

  4. God, I can only hope our OL will look half as decent as that.

  5. The injuries are indeed sad. The scumbags, like Deshaun, Ray Rice, and Hernandez...etc, are not.

  6. Do you know any good motorcycle instructors in the Pittsburgh area?

  7. I forgot the Packers but yes they fit the mold too just wonder if it falls apart after Rodgers. Patriots went all to hell in 2020 , thank god for Mac

  8. These are actual points made by people--this is very much a reality.

  9. Well the thing is that Hori needs a villain for Deku to solo and a villain for the new Big Three/1A to take on together.

  10. Tbh the only way to make this kind of a statement is when reevaluating this offseason in the following offseason.

  11. Imagine the reaction from a nurse who doesn't follow the NFL is and reading that shirt lmao.

  12. How do the Steelers always do this it’s like how they got Melvin Ingram last year

  13. My gut instinct tells me this is all bullshit, but man do I love hearing Coach T tell a story lmao.

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