1. Wooo! High five to all the ppl that don’t give in to the scalpers. I did the same and just got one a couple weeks before Xmas. Enjoy!

  2. Do we still get the full box package if picking up at will call? Or am I just getting a wristband? Also how’s the will call situation here bc I’ve heard will call horror stories at other festivals

  3. I was still playing my old PS3 slim until I got the PS5 this past Xmas. If it lasts even half that time I think I’ll be set until ps6 haha. Just wish dual sense battery was better. I have to be charging one controller while I play with another and keep swapping

  4. I never thought of paying for it, but if you have the disposable money, why not?

  5. Haha I think it did help actually. Sounds like there’s not much elevating VIP from GA. Might as well spend that money splurging on other stuff the whole weekend. And wait until I become friends with a headliner that will get me super vip guest passes ha

  6. Chvrches for sure. And I was stupidly hoping for PJ and Kendrick. Green Day is great but I would have preferred either Kendrick or ASAP to J Cole.

  7. Was so sure Chvrches was gonna be there. What a miss

  8. Lots I was already hoping for (The Marias, Caroline Polachek, Dominic Fike, Dua Lipa, Doja, Kaskade, King Princess, wooo!) but now excited to get into some new bands! Time to start making some playlists

  9. I stayed decently far away from the fest (30+ minutes) for years and never minded it - the public transportation in Chicago is reliable enough and there's always lyft/uber if you're in more of a hurry or have extra cash to spare.

  10. Worried the Uber/public transportation situation might be a little impossible when everyone’s leaving at the end of the night. How was the HI?

  11. If there’s a bunch of port a potty’s with lines on all except one - don’t think you’re the only smart one that thinks of rushing in there. There’s a reason nobody’s using it.

  12. Wednesday night is the best night to just explore the plazas near your camp without a plan lol. Make friends with the neighbors and figure out a game plan for all the shows to see. But yes as far as going in together we’ve just met up at one of the gas stations nearby to be able to drive in together. If you go in separately it would be impossible to park together but u can always just bring all your stuff over to a friends camp after u park. Seen lots of people bring little cart to do this if they’re arriving separately

  13. Gambino, lonely island, st Vincent & David Byrne, Paul McCartney, dua lipa after we all just survived a possible tornado

  14. I’m playing the last of us remastered from that ps5 ps plus collection rn and even tho it’s obviously not peak ps5 level I’m still very impressed with it

  15. Would Stevie Nicks play Edge of Seventeen? Bc that’d be pretty epic

  16. Hahaha for real. I always quickly wonder what I am agreeing clicking on those. This one really gave me some time to stress about it

  17. Avengers and fifa are really dragging this pic down in terms of quality.

  18. Lol they were gifts so all good from here. Any suggestions for top shelf games to get in the future?

  19. I see you don't have a racing game amongst your great selection of gifts. If you subscribe this month to PS+ you LL get Dirt 5 which is a fun game. But just for the collection that include 20 of the best games of the PS4 generation, I would clearly subscribe, so worth it... Still trying to get a PS5 and I am actually looking forward to the PS+ collection as I haven't played many of the great games and avoided buying them since I knew I would get them with the PS5. Hopefully it won't be too long now, but it's still difficult to find one at a reasonable price in Thailand where I live...

  20. Ooh I do want a racing game just wasn’t sure what’s good out there. I need that and a CoD in this collection. Yea pretty much everyone has convinced me to go for ps plus for the giant variety of games

  21. Solid recommendations. Press grill is a gem. Barleys smoked wings are tasty. The only one I would add to this good list is Roadhouse. Seek out their house sauce.

  22. Haven’t had press grill in forever. Those wings were a dreamm! Might have to pick some up this weekend

  23. Definitely no hotels within what I would consider walking distance. But yes post on the bonnaroo subreddit. I think you’ll get a lot of suggestions for the different camping options they have (which is really the best way to enjoy roo). I’ve never done the Nashville hotel shuttles but that is the other main option

  24. Bahaha I was watching a few show from the rails at VIP and saw all the people having more fun in GA so I just jumped over. Even got a better view from GA lol. Literally the only perk was the nicer bathrooms. Maybe if it had been June all the extra shade would’ve come in clutch but in September I ended up having more fun watching some shows from GA. Hey firefly maybe add more than 10 chairs or more games/amenities to make VIP feel worth it

  25. Hey everyone, love the feedback. Solo meet up happy hour 3-5 Thursday and Friday in the brewery tent. Let’s talk bands we wanna see ❤️

  26. Solo ppl still down for happy hour? I’m getting drinks 😎

  27. Would love to meet up late Thursday or sometime Friday!

  28. Hey LGBTQ friends. I’m totally down to meet up and maybe try to catch some shows? Who’s on your list to see?

  29. LGBTQ friends let’s meet up 3-5 at the brewery tent?

  30. Putting together a happy hour post on another thread. 3-5 meet up at the brewery tent? Looking to meet lgbtq+ friends

  31. Love missio and Billie for tonight. Brewery tent meet up before the shows?

  32. Hey I was just looking thru here to figure out how early ppl were coming in Wednesday. Oof 7am is earlier than I was thinking but I’d be down to help. Flying in Tuesday so I’d be happy to meet up early and looking to make new friends too. I’ve built whole campsites before lol

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