Trump's Republican support plummets by 20 points, new poll shows

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Biden promises to codify Roe if two more Democrats are elected to the Senate

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  1. There is actually a fourth promise left unsaid… you won’t be cannon fodder.

  2. The irony of using a track by the French band Air is not lost on me.

  3. Nice catch! I specifically chose that for this reason (and this particular track is pretty damn cool regardless). Haha! ;)

  4. So - if you held your breath while watching this, how deep did you get?

  5. I'm sorry, but this isn't interesting as fuck - it is disturbing as fuck.

  6. Which is why he is now turning on DeSantis who is the heir apparent for fascists everywhere.

  7. Maybe I'm being overly hopeful here, but maybe he's trying to do what the rest of the Democratic Party is afraid to do this very important election year. So many of us have been "yelling" at the Dems to take the damn gloves off. It's only getting marginally better. I think Newsom is tired of waiting too, so he's just doing it.

  8. That would be welcome and I totally understand (and support) doing that via reporters and the national media - but those ads were likely very expensive.

  9. Interesting, so why was he targeting DeSantis and Floridians with ads and other ways (and recently)?

  10. I give her credit for having the backbone and strength to standup to Trump when so many of her peers are cowards, but her politics are toxic otherwise and she supports many of the same awful things that Trump’s base wants.

  11. America has warned Russia that any nuclear weapons would result in retaliation. Not only from Ukraine, but also retaliation from America. NATO has done the same.

  12. If there was ever any doubt that Putin is losing his power in the eyes of the international community... this is definitive proof. And I mean, there's also domestic proof he is losing power as he's currently in hiding because he fears his own people.

  13. This is actually misinformation that a missile was fired into the ocean, secret footage was just released which shows the actual North Korean launch...

  14. You tell ‘em Ted - kind of like how you laid down like a little wimp when Trump criticized your wife, family, and successfully challenged your manhood without a peep from you.

  15. This is breathtaking. And the suffering is somehow weirdly beautiful while also tragic.

  16. I kind of love my “kids” equally but for different reasons - however - Groundhog Day, Lost In Translation, The Man Who Knew Too Little, and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou are quintessential Bill Murray for me.

  17. A woman has a much harder hurdle for almost everything in our society and even under the best circumstances.

  18. Without Russian election interference and James Comey’s interfering on the eve of an election Hillary would have likely been elected President.

  19. I have a theory that China might try to take the Matsu, Wuqia, and Kinmen islands for a domestic win, then internationally try to assert that it didn't count as invading Taiwan because it wasn't "Taiwan province".

  20. I would think they have an obligation to do the most given their understanding of what happens when good people do nothing.

  21. Yes - people are maybe downvoting (among other reasons) because they might feel I’m being unfairly critical of Israel and perhaps for all the wrong reasons - but my step-father is Jewish and I have some Jewish ancestry too (not maternally though).

  22. I certainly wasn't one of the downvotes. I don't disagree with anything you said either.

  23. I didn’t think it was you - I’m caught between those who wish more from Israel and those who wish nothing critical of Israel.

  24. Lol - why does it feel like a “Billion Bucks” exactly? Did Bezos pay for that headline?

  25. Among other things - I don’t think many of his people are wanting to fight; it feels like in addition to a lack of conventional weapons for Russians and their general disarray and poor leadership their hearts just aren’t in it.

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